5w30 mobil 1 good to switch too

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Oct 15, 2003
New Jersey
What advantages if any would there be to switching to mobil 1 full syn. 5w30 after using the same brand 10w30?

Can i switch to 5w20 or even 0w20 full syn. without any kind of engine problems in the future? I've got a 97 f150 with the 4.6 and have 102k and have been using 10w30 mobil 1 for about 2 years now.
You may get slightly better fuel economy with the 5w30. 5w30 is better for cold weather, I'm not sure how cold it gets in NJ. While Ford has stated that its ok to switch many pre-2001 engines to 5w20, I would stay with a 30 weight since that's what your engine has been using.
You c an do what you want. After seeing the results for the 20 wt. ils I wouldn't be afraid to switch. There may be more consumption with the 20 wt. I would do an oil analysis with the forst shot of the 20 wt. Al other things equal though..10W-30 is probably your best bet in Jersey. Maybe the 5W-30 in winter. I have used Mobil 10W-30 all year round in central Pa.
Glad to see you made it over from Ford Truck World. This is a great site for "inquiring" minds"
. Did you run the 10W-30 during this past winter with all the really freezing temps we had? If you did you would have been better off with the 5W-30. It's cold cranking and pumpability are better than the 10W-30. And would have improverd your cold start up wear on the engine. Also about how many miles and months between oil changes. If you're changing the oil frequently, about every 3,000 miles, 3 to 6 months, then maybe you should consider a good dino oil like Motorcraft, Pennzoil, Chevron(if you can find it) and Havoline. These oils run around $1.30/qt and Mobil 1 is $4-$5/qt. If your oil changes are over 5,000 or you do a lot of local type driving, low miles and short trips in a longer time period, then the synthetic would be a good choice. The Motorcraft 5W-20 is a really good semi synthetic that has shown great wear numbers when used with the Ford Triton V-8's. Especially if you don't plan to go over 5,000 mile OCI's. And you might pick up a LITTLE more power and gas mileage. Do a seach in the UOA section to see how various oils worked with your Triton engine.

Whats up whims! Yea I've been using the mobil1 10w30 all year long since i started to use it. I've used that in all my cars/trucks. Not beeing exposed to any other kind of oil #'s thats all i used to hear when i was a kid so naturally i went with it.

Im one of those people that have to change their oil every 3k. I just get a lil queezy when i go to 4k. Somethin in my head says, "change the dam oil already". I've also heard that its not good to go from full synthetic to regular, is this true?

also whims, did you know natty got rid of the truck and got a import?

Originally posted by 97flairside:

Im one of those people that have to change their oil every 3k. I just get a lil queezy when i go to 4k. Somethin in my head says, "change the dam oil already". I've also heard that its not good to go from full synthetic to regular, is this true?

You can easily go from synthetic to dino oil without any problems. Since you've been using synthetic oil your engine is probably pretty clean. And if you're not leaking from the seals dino is not going to cause you to leak oil. Some people on this site alternate between synthetic in the winter and dino the rest of the time. Also some have switched to dino when the vehicle got older and started to use/leak oil. With you changing oil every 3-4,000 miles and already having over 100,000 miles on the truck I'd save a few bucks. You could always do an Auto-RX every 30,000+ miles to "clean" the engine when using dino.

I saw Natty's new car. It's REAL nice. His truck developed Ford's "infamous" head gasket leak. He was still within the 3 year time limit of the warranty but over by 6,000 miles. Ford and the dealer told him to p*ss off, it's his problem and expense
. Between that and his long commute to work, which was costing him a fortune $$$$ for gas, he decided to get the Mazda6i.

Well im going to use this 5w30 for now. Can't take it back. During the summer i do alot more driving then the winter so it will be changed early. Then i'll goto wally world and pick up the motorcraft oil since they sell it there really cheap.

Yea he told us over at ftw about it and some of use just kidded around about him getting a ricer. But yea commute and the headgasket would make me get rid of my truck.
well i changed the oil to the 5w30. I barely got 5 quarts of the used stuff. It wasn't that dark either i was surprised. But overall it feels like it accelarates a lil easier. Maybe it's just my head, i dont know.

But i need to invest in a oil filter relocator kit. The scratches on my right are from the front shock are a reminder of how much i hate doing it.
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