5w30 castrol syntec at $4/ litre worth looking at?

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Jun 5, 2006
Hi guys,

I went to castrol GTX on my Jeep which seems fine. however with the winter we see around here, I'm thinking about switching back to synthetic and changing the oil every 6 months.

I'm running amsoil XL 5w20 in my wifes mazda and its seems amazing in there.

I'm thinking about syn for the Jeep, and syntec at costco is the cheapest I can find. its $48 for 12 litres! (canadian dollars)

The local parts guys cut me a deal on amsoil for $8 a litre, and mobil is more expensive slightly.

nayway. bla bla bla, is syntec worth a look at that price? People seem to hate it. I HATE HATE HATE the advertising, enough to ditch castrol altogehter, but that price is good. LOL, I can also get formula shell dino at costco for around $2 a litre!!!! hmmmmm
Any synthetic at less than $6/liter in Canada is worth looking at.

Don't listen to the garbage - Syntec is a great synthetic oil, just as good as PP, Synpower...etc....

The Shell dino at Costco is also a great deal on oil....
Buy the cheapest SM/GF-4 rated oil that you can find and run it for 10K KM.

Brands don't make much of a difference in most applications.

What year/model Jeep do you have?
Yes sir!
Yeah maybe I'll just stick with the GTX and run 5w30 in the winter. Its a great price at costco. $38 for 12 litres I beleive.

Its got a block heater so that should work well.
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Yes sir!

Oh, then you can run anything that is SM/GF4 rated, cheapest you can find for 6K miles without worry. Tough easy on oil engines!
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