5w30 /10w30 Dino Oil

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Sep 17, 2002
I find the reading involving the many oil topics are very interesting posted on this board. I presently use Castrol GTX 5w30 /10w30 oil in my 1995 Nissan Hardbody Truck, and 1998 QX4. Both vehicles use Nissan oil filters and Castrol GTX oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. Is there a better dino oil I can use or stick with the quality of Castrol GTX? Thanks [I dont know]
Years ago, most folks (me included) would probably have told you to stay with CastrolGTX, it was generally considered the number one oil, and Fram filters were also considered number one as well.....but now we have the internet....and we have learned about....THE FORCE........ just had to do that... I think most folks at this time that will advocate using standard petroleum oil will probably choose the Chevron (or Havoline now that the two have merged), but it is still a close call for most of us on here. Oil manufacturing technology and marketing have gotten to the point now where: 1) all "SL" rated oil is good 2) it is rather confusing as to who makes what oils... personally, I go with Havoline/Chevron I also use the Walmart filters with 3k changes see ya Rando
Good news and bad news. Havoline was merged with Chevron. The bad news: Havoline is currently marketed by two companies, Chevron and Equilon. Chevron sells the new formulation and Equilon sells the old Formula 3 formulation. The good news: both are very very good oils. Even the old formula beats most of the SL rated oils. So watch for Chevron to take over all of the distribution of Havoline in the future and keep using it.
Two questions/points that I'm sure I read elsewhere, but would like clarification: 1. There seems to be much more Equilon Havoline on the shelves in the St. Louis area. Maybe that's because there's a Equilon refinery in the immediate area. Is this being phased out, already phased out, or are both under production? 2. Is Shell the same oil for a cheaper price? (Believe shell differs by region also)>
I think you can expect Shell to continue with two formulations to keep up the shelf space and some way to diferentiate as Chevron has done with different oils, in order of quality: Chevron Delo 400 Texaco Ursa Premium Chevron Supreme Texaco Havoline Chevron RPM Texaco Ursa Super Plus etc. Plus the Gulf lubricants that Chevron makes. And marketed by Amoco are the Amoco lubricants that are made by Chevron. Keeps us guessing and keeps the shelves full.
I have always used Pennzoil when I use dino juice. Never had any problems and cars seem to run forever with it. I would say that all oils of the applicable grade would do just fine.
Nissan OEM filters are very good. Someone once told me he cut them open and compared w/ several premium filters. So I did same. Nissan OEM are very good, better than many premium filters when it comes to area of filtration, pleats etc. It doesn't have synthetic fibers but everything else is very good. If MOBIL 1 is worth 12/13 dollars than the Nissan OEM is worth the $5 you pay for it. Fred... [Smile]
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