5w-40 in a MOPAR 4.7

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You will not notice any difference in fuel consuption! I had a 2001 Dakota Quad Cab 4x4 with the 4.7V8 and I ran 15W50 in it. It ran a lot smoother and quiter with the 15W50 in it then the M1`10W30. I never noticed a difference in mile per gallon! THe 5W40 in my opinion is going to be ideal! It will be a truly year round oil. It will protect better and longer then the 5W30 you have been useing. It will also gurad against ring grove filling much better! I like the 5W40 better then 15w50 now because it is more flexable and has better tbn and tbn retension!
t-bird, I had one of those in a '99 Grandokee; it's a fine engine.

Personally, I'd use Red Line 5W-40 in it year 'round, but if you'd prefer for any reason to stay with more-boadly-available Mobil 1, use their 5W-40. If it gets fairly cold (as in below freezing for days at a time) where you live, use either brand's 5W-30, as both are significantly thinner when cool than each's 5W-40.

Milton, IMO, what we all get with nW-40s in the summer is significantly better high-temp/high-shear performance. Only in the US do manufacturers love such thin (ie 5W-20) oils. Read this thread to see Toyota's recommendations in Australia, for the SAME engines we get in the US.
Hello all. I have a 2003 Durango with a 4.7 liter motor. I have always used M1 5w-30 in my trucks. After reading here in am very much moving towards the M1 5w-40 I have been reading about. I want to get your opinions on this before I do it. I plan on getting at least 300,000 miles on this truck so what are your ideas for longevity if I switch to this oil? Thanks in advance. Oh, I only have 8000 miles on this one since I traded my other in.
That is what I thought. I had a 2000 Durango and got 123,000 out of it. I traded it in due to tranny problems. I knew the sales mgr. and he gave me a deal on a new one. I like the fact that the oil will protect a little better because I will be keeping this one until it drops or I do. Did you notice any difference in the sound of the engine? How about the performance? I use the Amsoil oil filters and change oil every 5000 miles. (oversized filters)
I didn't notice any sound difference.In fact I just changed oil and filter today,but put in Mobil Delvac 1300 as I could not find my usual Quaker State 15w40 HDX

The trans fluid should be changed every 30K,this will increase the tranny life dramatically.

There are NO sludge problems with the 4.7 or any of the Mopar built engines.
There is no reason to use a 40wt in these engines.. I use 5/10w-30's in mine with very nice UOA's. the 40wt will not decrease wear what so ever and like someone else said will just probably decrease your MPG's if anything at all.
Dont worry about a decrease in gas mileage. I went from a 0W30 to Delvac 1 in my Chevy 4.3, and my mileage stayed the same.

There are NO sludge problems with the 4.7 or any of the Mopar built engines. [/QB]

C Man!! The Tranny needs care too!

All fluids are sludge prone, it begins once it is left in service after it's life is over, that is what SLUDGE is.

So the 30,000mile ATF change may cause him to sludge...

My uncle's was not changed, and it didn't shift properly at 140,000mi and the tranny died at 167,000mi from a stuck valve (plunger) and an ATF change earlier should have prevented that.

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Hajocka, you might re-read my post!!! The 30,000 miles OCI was for his transmission not his crankcase!!!! This is why it read "trany" and "both" filters. The 45RFE uses a filter on the primary intake side and on the return discharge from the cooler.

Their is no sludge issue with these engines. THe oil fill neck can get a foamy accumlation from differiantal cooling and cold enviroment. It is more pronounced on vechiles that run conventional oil and do a lot of short trip driveing!

Any good synthetic can easily last 7500-10,000 miles in this engine easily as it is rather easy on oil!

I was mixed in answering another post on Toyotas, when I posted.... that has been changed now.

My uncle is now considering the Chevy Venture with the 3.4V6

BTW I got my 5F-SE sludge out with using diesel as an engine flush.
thunderchild, If you want to avoid some trany issues make sure you change your fluid and both filter every 30,000 miles or less. I had excellent results with Redline SYnthetic C+ATF.
My wife just got an '03 Durango with the 4.7. I have been reading that you shouldn't do extended drains (over 3,000 miles) with this engine because of sludging problems. Something about the pickup screen getting clogged up. Was reading this on dodgedakotas.com. I have been using Chevron Supreme and Havoline 10W-30 with good results and changing every 3,000 miles just to play it safe.
Thanks for all the advice guy's. But, concerning the 4.7, there is NO sludge issue with this engine. That was the now defunct 5.2 that was giving problems. The 4.7 is a new design for DC. I am very happy with it and I am sure others are as well. I read the build specs on this motor and I am very impressed with it. As for my tranny, the last one got serviced every 15,000 miles. Had some troubles with the solinoids. They could not get them right at the dealer so I opted for a new truck. It was cheaper to off the old one even though I loved it so.

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Thunderchild, what are the problems with the 5.2? I just bought one with and now have 70K on it, should I be watching out for anything?

No problems with the 5.2,5.9's or any Mopar engine sludge wise.I ran a maintenance shop for Dollar rent a car and worked for Chrysler as a technician until 2003.The Durangos in my fleet ran very well and we changed oil every 7500 miles and even used Fram filters,never had any problems.
Any sludging of a Mopar engine is the fault of the owner for not maintaining it.Period.
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