5w-30 vs. 10w-30

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OH KNOW NOT AGAIN!!! I was looking at Chevrons data sheets and now, the 5w-30 data sheet clearly states it's made with Isosyn basestock, where as the 10w-30 does not. Also, from Valvoline's MSDS, their 5w-30 is group II and the 10w-30 is group I. I'm starting to come around into believing 5w-30 is a superior oil even in hot climates since it's made with more refined basestocks.
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I've seen, and bought bottles of Chevron 10W30 that say Isosyn on the bottle. Also, in November of last year, I had an email discussion with a Chevron engineer, who told me that both Chevron and Havoline regular as well as High Mileage oils are Group II basestocks in each grade.
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IF you drive mostly short trips...use the 5-30. IF you drive mostly long trips...use the 10-30...and extend those OCI's. I base this OPINION on reported increased wear at startups due to the oil being so thick when cold, therefore the 5-30 recommendation if you are a short-tripper. The 10-30 might hold viscosity a bit better, and long trips are "easier" on the oil, therefore the 10-30 suggestion, with extended OCI's.
I think at temps above 50 degress F, from a viscosity viewpoint, the performance of 5W-30 vs. 10W-30, is so close, that any debate results in a hair splitting exercise. Looking at market stats, the last figures I viewed for usage indicated that the 5W-30 & 5w-20 combined beat the 10W-30 share, but 10W-30 was still greater than either of the 5W grades on an individual basis. The 10W-30 grade is still popular with DIY oil changers and as a bulk oil grade.
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SAE Viscosity Grade 	SAE J300 	5W-30 	10W-30 
API Service	                      SM 	SM
ILSAC	                            GF-4	GF-4
Gravity,°API	ASTMD-287	    31.4	31.0
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C(60°F)	ASTM D-287	0.863	0.872
Flash Point,°C	ASTMD-93	     216	221
Pour Point,°C 	ASTMD-97	     -36	-36
Color	ASTM D-1500 	             2.5	2.5
@ 40°C, cSt 	ASTM D-445 	     63.9 	70.1 
@ 100°C, cSt 	ASTM D-445 	    10.5 	10.4 
ViscosityIndex	ASTM D-2270	     158	135
CCS Viscosity, cP (°C) 	ASTM D-5293 	5,800 (-30) 	5,900 (-25) 
MRV Viscosity, cP (°C) 	ASTM D-4684 	25,100 (-35) 	16,300 (-
HT/HS Viscosity, cP 	ASTM D-4683	3.0	3.1
Noack volatility, % 	ASTM D-5800 	14.7	10.9

Dang no edit button. Anyways you can see the poorly formatted data. 10w30 is slightly better on paper (if you have cold starts often)