5w-30 Euro formula motor oil

Jan 18, 2020
United States
esp is a beast but it’s expensive. euro l and castrol ll are always being discounted

if you want to drop big cash on oil wait till esp x3 0w40 enters the us market


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May 5, 2018
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I wait till the ESP is on sale at Napa for $5 and change and buy 3-4 cases, everything here including OPE is on ESP 5w30 or M1 0w40 (all are Euro cars and one Subaru.
My experience with Penzoil Euro oils have been less than stellar, I ran the LX 0w30 in the VW 2.0T and it started drinking oil and had a poor UOA.
The engine never used any measurable oil between 5K OCI on Castrol or M1 0w40 with the LX the thing was going through a qt every 600 miles, went back to M1 0w40 and the oil consumption returned to normal. No explanation, it is baffling as to why this happened, that was over 3 years ago and still no measurable oil consumption today. Compression remains between 197 and 200 psi with around 5 psi leak down.

That is not to say it is common or will happen in another engine but it happened to this one and it is mine so I know it was real.
Personally I stay with Mobil 1 or if I didnt have any I would and have used Castrol 0w40.

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Jan 21, 2009
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I'm looking for a motor oil to start using in my 2021 Mercedes C300. I'm looking at M1 ESP and Penzoil Platinum euro formula. They both meet Mercedes requirements. I'd be getting 5w-30. M1 is about twice the price? Aren't they equivalent quality oils? Thanks
Did you find the oil you were looking for? Pennzoil/Quakerstate seems like the cheapest avail options in 5W-30 grade meeting MB 229.51 spec