5w-20 oils and what doctors says you should eat.

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Jan 22, 2006
The ongoing debate over infalability of Honda and Ford Engineers (or bean counters rather?) and their recommendation for use of (CAFE anyone) 5W-20 oils reminded me of a cousin I have.

You see, she is a health freak. And I mean a freak. She reads all the latest heatlh reports, doesn't eat sugar at all, eats low-fat diet foods, starves hereself (in my opinion) to death etc..etc..

Why? Because that is what "experts" say. Well, today, a new study came (apparently) saying that low fat diets are actually bad for you (presuming you are normal weight and healthy). Also, a whole bunch of supplements that she used to use suddenly got declared (by "experts") as bad for her (after she had been using them for more then 5 years).

My point? Well, you see her father (a strong Judo player) simply told her to live her life in moderation, have a beer from time to time, a piece of cake, and eat normal cooked food. The guy smokes, drinks more beer then a fraternity house on Saturday night, and exercizes 5 days per week. He is 67 years old and can "destroy" in martial arts (Judo) 20 and 30 years old.

What does this have to do with 5-20 oils? Well, proponents of this thin oil say how UOAs are great, and Honda and Ford experts know what they are doing (if it is indeed engineers that made decision to recommend this) etc...etc... So, these "experts" are now saying - hey its a great thing. And millions are using it. And (its still early?) so far no major problems. But, honestly, isn't a common sense that this was introduced for marketing and corporate purposes?

Why do some people blindly believe corporate America? Some maybe satisfied with engine lasting 150,000 miles, but I want mine to last double that.

All I am saying is just because a corporation is telling me something it does not mean they are telling me the truth. Without the intention of being political but how many times did politicians lie to us (and continue to in some cases)?
I'm not certain that the 5w-20 recommendation has been proven to be a lie, though.

Maybe it will be disproven in the future...maybe not.

Just because a corporation says it doesn't mean it's patently false, either.

Most folks on this site want hard evidense one way or another.
Your cousin thinks about food too much, and you think about oil too much.
Yes, I do think about oil too much. So do all of us here no :) ?

I agree that not all corporations say is a lie of course, BUT not all is the truth either.
Ummm, last time I checked 5W20 oil had way less fat than 5W30. Are you saying restricting myself to only low fat 5W30 may be bad for me after all?
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