5W/20 full time????

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Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
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I just traded for a beater. It is a 1981 Dodge Omni. Actually, seems to run pretty good. I just changed the oil and added Havoline 5W/20 because that's what I have in stock. Reading the owner's manual, it states that you can use 5W/20 in cold climates. Funny, I thought 5W/20 was something new. Didn't know they had it back then.
The manual does specify "DO NOT use 5W/20 for sustained high speed operation". Back then, the oil was rated SG. The oil I just added is SM rated. Am I o.k. to run SM rated 5W/20 in this engine or should I go to something heavier?
Yep, M1 5w-20 ..back in 1975 or 76, IIRC.

I don't really recall any others, though ..but then again ..at that same time 10w-30 and 10w-40 were considered "good" and "best" and priced accordingly by all blenders/refiners. The 5w-30 came on the scene shortly after. This coincided with the extension of emissions reduction efforts from the auto manufacturer to the oil companies for "help".

But 20 weight in general was nothing new ..ever (a long time). Monograde 20 for the winter ..monograde 30 for the summer.

I agree with Al. No flashing idiot lights ..no excessive consumption (that can be solved with viscosity) ...use it and enjoy.
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