5w-20/Focus SE

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Jun 19, 2002
Santa Fe,N.M.
Hi,I'm getting an '03 Focus SE with 20K (rental).They are doing an oil change before the pickup. My wife was beside me,so I did not question WHAT oil the dealer will use (free). So,should I continue with 5w-20 oil(warranty?) for town driving w/AC in hot-hot s.florida?Maybe,M-1 5w-30 or 10w-30 is better. Thanks. [Big Grin] Ron
Originally posted by userfriendly: Ron; Your membership # is 108. What do you think?
Can I ask what a member's # has to do with the question at hand?
He probably means that this topic has been discussed a lot, so long time members would have read a lot of info on this subject. I personally think the new engines can do just fine on 5w20, and the UOAs are proving it. Best thing to do is do a UOA, and if the wear numbers look really bad, try a 5w30 instead. Eventually as these engines age, you'll want to step up to a 5w30 most likely anyways. And there is always Mobil 1 5w30, which is pretty much almost a 5w20 anyways.
Hey Guys, I'm all about ??????????? not the other things! Opinions & or [Big Grin] Facts are always welcome! Thanks all! Ron
My opinion is to run Mobil 1 10w-30 or 0w-20. Amsoil makes a very good 5w-20 too. Motorcraft 5w-20 is what they use and is a decent oil. My wife has a Focus and I run 5w-30. I'm not concerned about the warranty at all because the viscosity of the oil doesn't matter other then for fuel requirements. The also want to lure you back to the dealer so they can charge you for oil changes.
Come on Ron, you are educated as well as anyone else on this site. What is your opinion? You must trust your own feelings Grasshopper. Ron, what would you tell someone else with the same question as yours? I bet no one else would agree with my selection, but I have my reasons. You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine and my reasons. PS; it ain't 5W20.
Ron, is this the ZETEC 2.0L or the SplitPort Induction 2.0L engine? The SplitPort Induction motor is closely related to the old 1.6L through 1.9L engines that the Ford Escort had. Bob has used everything from Schaeffer's 15W-40 to 5W-30 with good results in his Escort Wagon with the 1.9L version of that engine. It would be very intersting to see a UOA with 5W-20 on the SplitPort Induction motor that has it's basic design going all the way back to about 1980 in the Ford Escort. Remember that the Ford spec for 5W-20 (WSS-M2C153-H) is far more demanding than the weak (in my opinion) SL/GF-3 spec. Ford requires a double length Sequence IIIF test with a viscosity increase limit of 200% at 160 hours as compared to the SL/GF-3 viscosity increase limit of 275% at 80 hours. The Ford TEOST "deposit" test limit is lower at 45 mg as compared to 60 mg for SL/GF-3. By far the best car I ever had was a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage that I bought in 2000 when it had 20,000 miles. It had been used as a rental by Hertz and I never had any trouble with it. [ August 11, 2003, 07:10 AM: Message edited by: Sin City ]
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