5W-20 and Horsepower

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Dec 24, 2002
Greenville, SC
I have read a great deal of discussion on the new 5W-20 synthetics. I am under the impression that Mobil One is about to come out with a 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil soon. My questions are slightly different than what I have seen discussed. I am interested in max hp out of my 2002 Z06 while still maintaining the factory warranty and safely lubricating the engine. So... is 5W-20 likely to increase my hp, even by a few, and is it going to safely protect my engine? TIA! -Tom Steele
Hi, Mobil is due to release a 0w-20 in March of 03. My friend is in a similar postion only he has a Mustang. He is a bit extreme and will only go with a 20wt. because Ford calls for that. Personally, I would run a 10w-30 Amsoil/Mobil 1 in the summer and Amsoil's 0w-30 in the winter or all year round. I'm sure the 20wt. would do, but there isn't enough data to really show how well these weights hold up. Being you have one kick @ss car with a ton of power, I'd feel more safe with the 30wt. Also, look into the Mobil 1 0w-40. That is apparently there best formula. I don't think you will see any horsepower differnce with a 20wt oil. All in all, Amsoil is basically a "fine tuned" Mobil 1. *Also, take a look at this link it's fairly interesting. http://www.bimmerforums.com/AmsoilStudybyBobM3.php [ December 25, 2002, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
I wouldn't imagine it would be worth more than maybe 1 or 2hp compared to a 5w30 or 10w30, so it's not really something you want to change to just for a horsepower increase. I know of quite a few other ways to get horsepower out of the LS6s and LS1s that work much better. A friend of mine has a 2002 Z06 and has managed to run 11.6s in the quarter mile with it by just changing to a Vortex airbox, ET streets and a mass airflow translator.
I agree, oil is not a way to pick up HP. If anything, put a K&N airfilter to pick up a quick 5hp.
If your going to stick with a 20wt. I'd go with Amsoil's 7500 or the new Mobil 1 SS. My friend uses it and hasn't had any problems..then again, he has never done any analysis. [LOL!]
Anyone ever do any actual dyno testing on lighter weight oils? I would assume that if the auto makers are doing this for cafe, then it MUST reduce fuel consumption and the only way I can figure it to do this, is to reduce internal drag and increase net hp.
I used to run a D Production{400cc} motorcycle in WERA roadracing series. In that class you can only do a few things to the motor of the bike. I tried every little thing I could think of to try to get a little more power from the bike. In that class 3-5hp is alot. I would dyno each change to verify my gains or losses. Like I said, I tried everything-even some snake oil type stuff. Most of the stuff I tried was bull-crap, but going thinner on oil did help. Went from 10/40 to Redline 20wt gained me around 3 or so hp if I remember right. The stuff kinda scared me because I ruined a clutch pack when I tried out a Slick50 type treatment{clutch started slipping}. The Redline has moly in it and I was worried the moly would cause it to slip. It didn't. Anyway, going down to thinner oil will help HP but it ain't alot. Unless you are racing in a class where you are limited on modifications it will not be a worthwhile mod. in my line of thinking. Saying that, I run 0/30 in my LS1 and my Kia Rio. No problems yet, just don't get crazy with it and try some racing type 10wt! But I haven't sent off a sample to check.
If you do decide to go with a 20wt oil, try something like Royal Purple 5w20 or Synergen 0w20, both of which are designed more with high horsepower applications in mind. If you do go for it, I think it'll be an interesting experiment. You should try running 5w30 first and doing analysis, then run the 20wt under the same conditions for the same distance to compare. Like I said above though, I wouldn't expect much horsepower difference though, especially going from Mobil 1 5w30 which is on the low end of the 30wt scale anyways and could almost be classified as a thicker 5w20.
Originally posted by tenderloin: [QB]Oil is a great way to get a few HP without sacrificing protection. Here is a link with Ford V8 HP numbers.....MAX. 12.6 HP and 13.8 TQ GAIN using Torco 0W-20 vs Motorcraft 5W-20. Imagine a heavier weight oil.
Anyone know anything about Torco or done any analysis on their oils? Basically, if a lighter oil will do the job, I wouldn't mind decreasing my drain interval and changing oil more often. -Tom
I HAVE USED TORCO OILS (I NOW USE SYNERGYN OW-20 IN ALL MY VEHICLES,BUT THAT IS NO REFLECTION ON TORCO)AND FRIENDS STILL USE TORCO). I HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN TORCO. ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT DONE ANY "TESTING" OF THEIR PRODUCTS OTHER THAN PERSONAL USE AND TESTIMONY FROM FRIENDS. CHECK THEM OUT. THE PURPOSE OF MY POSTING THE TORCO LINK WAS TO SHOW OIL CAN INDEED GET YOU A FEW HP....... http://www.torcoracingoils.com/tech_info/tech/base_oils.pdf http://www.torcoracingoils.com/pdf/horspwr.pdf http://www.torcoracingoils.com/tech_info/tech/lube_engineering.pdf I edited out this link as it was nothing more than the main sales page and had no direct reference to any data. Posting a link such as the one above, aceptable as it appears to supply technical data that you are discussing. bob [ December 26, 2002, 09:29 PM: Message edited by: tenderloin ]
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