'58 Impala...

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Nov 3, 2009
North Carolina
Well here you go. 1958 Impala, it's all original and has about every option they came with. My girlfriends dad owns it and fully restored it himself. It's for sale as well. Hood looks odd because it's up. Pretty sweet all aluminum car hauler too.
Unfortunately I don't know.... This car is 2x older than me. If I didn't know him, I wouldn't even know what year it is. I'm sure that he's told me before, but can't remember.
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You can't post pics w/o stats! grin
He's got a few cars, it's hard to keep em all straight. He's got another '58 hardtop, metropolitan, '56 Oldsmobile, and parts of other cars...
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What a beauty! That car so much character. I wished I was alive in those days!
Very nice. 1958 is my favorite 50's era model year for Chevrolet. It's badged as a V8. Can't tell without looking under the hood if it's a 283 or a 348.
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That is a beautiful car. Do you have any interior shots by any chance? thumbsup
I don't, I can in the future maybe. I want to say it looks similiar to this: '58 Interior It's all new inside (seat covers, door panels, carpet, switches etc) with all the bells and whistles.
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