50K Amsoil drains.

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I like the title about the article: Building Credibility Mile After Mile
I'm not knocking Amsoil just testamonials in general. [ April 04, 2003, 10:42 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Originally posted by TR3-2001SE: I can't wait for the 50,000 mile change to replace the 3000 mile change. [LOL!] [crushedcar]
My step dad told me he only changed his oil once in 80,000 miles. Last time he chagned it was becuase it looked like the oil filter was about to rust through. I don't know what kind of oil he was using, though it wasn't a synthetic.
Well I met this Russian guy that bought a case of the HDD 5W-30 from me.....bottom line is the guy doesn't change his oil. Just new filter and top up every once in a while....he's way past 200K. The problem is he doesn't buy much oil from me [Smile]
What type of car/truck does he use it in? I imagine he must have a truck with a huge sump.
I read the story 3 times and knew something was wrong about the Dodge truck. Claims that he hauls 22,000 pounds with the truck. Yes the truck will tow that much, Cummins diesel engine, but he is so far over GCVW. If his pickup weighs 7K and the load 22K that is a total combined gross vehicle weight of 29K. The oil is doing a fine job, especially in a p/u that is very overloaded. I would hate to be in my grocery-getter and this guy is behind me and we have to do a panic stop. I promise he will win. JMO
Must be hauling enriched uranium in order to get that much mass into a pickup.
I seen a guy hauling used cars with a Dodge Diesel ext cab 4x4 pickup, 3/4 or maybe 1 ton truck. Had a 5th wheel trailer setup and was carrying 3 vehicles. The trailer was quite the rig and may have been several tons alone. I wa told they haul cars for dealers from auctions etc. btw-He was hauling a$$ loaded, I was going 65 and he was pulling away from me on the flats.. [ April 04, 2003, 08:44 PM: Message edited by: Mike ]
Yeah, but it won't beat Ford Power!! [Big Grin] Personally, I think these testamonials are a bunch of BS. JMO. Some are true, others are bogus. I was reading a Toyota Tacoma forum and many of the readers said there engines ran so much smoother after switching to Amsoil from M1 and they increased there MPG by 10mpg. Yeah, sure you did..... [Smile]
My dad used to work for a company (Lions Truck Lines)that tested oil for an un-named manufacturer. They would run the oil as recommended by the oil manufacturer. Obviously the oil manufacturer would replace any engines that died due to testing. They had one truck that was running on the same oil for quite sometime. They were told to run the oil until the truck quit. No filter changes either. Just top it off when needed. This was a highway truck to start with. After 200k+ miles the truck was sent to Buffalo & run on short trips within the city for about 3 years. Finally, LTL went out of business, and the truck was liquidated. I wish I knew what kind of oil that was!
Buster, The Amsoil Series 3000, 5w-30 hold up very well in the TDI, even with no oil added between changes. Typical values after 10k miles would be: oxidation, 1%-2% nitration, 15%-20% TBN, 11-12 viscosity, unchanged from baseline value In this case he is adding three quarts of fresh oil every 10,000 miles, due to normal oil consumption and filter changes (it's a quart sized filter). So I find it very believable you could run 50k changes under these conditions. I would also expect you could run very long changes using Delvac 1 under similiar circumstances .... TooSlick Dixie Synthetics
Ted, what kind of numbers do you see generally in gas engines for S3000? This seems to be there best oil by far, but I have only seen a few gas engine results, most of them yours where TBN seemed to be higher at longer drains in your Tacoma, I belive. This oil has some great results in deisel engines, but I'd like to see more results in gas engines. Isn't this the oil Al Almatuzio uses? I'd like to know what formula there using for this oil. If they used this formula consistantly across the board in all there oils, that would be great. [ April 06, 2003, 10:03 AM: Message edited by: buster ]
I can't help it but Big Al's cars gotta be leased by Amsoil.Why would anyone put syn oil in a leased car? there would not be any advantage in doing it in a car that is turned over in 3 to 5 years. . I have been thinking about this ,can anyone help me out with this?
If Big Al were smart he'd own at least one car that has 500k or more on it, to prove that his oil works. If all he drives are leased cars, then why would he even bother using Amsoil at all? He could use any old oil and it would still get him to the end of the lease without his engine dying.
Buster, I have only done limited testing of the Series 3000, 5w-30 in gas engines, but it seems to hold up very well. It uses a significantly thicker baseoil than their 0w-30, in fact it's almost a 10w-30. The additive chemistry is a bit different than their gas engine oils, with a higher level of detergent additives. Seems to be the most shear stable of all the Amsoil xw-30 formulations and the TBN retention is very good. For use in hot climates, I think I like it a bit better than the Amsoil 0w-30, even in gas engines. TooSlick
Two years ago I bought a low milage[11K] GMC 2500 Sierra and immediately put Amsoil Series 3000 oil in with their dual filter setup.I've got 39K on the truck now and still have the original oil.I've done two oil analysis procedures and according to the reports I can continue with the same oil.In the meantime I have changed the main filter twice and the secondary once.I plan on changing everything again next month even though its not required.According to what I've been told and what I've read its not nessesary but I think I'll do it anyway.I also plan on repacing the trans with Amsoil synthetic soon.What I've gone on so far is just blind faith and wish I could understand the analisis results better.
I received there monthly catalog and in it, they state that S3000 5w-30 has the "beefiest" additive package of all there oils. TS has said this awhile ago, but it seems they are now pushing the S2000 and 3000 lines. They do mention however that the regular 5w/10w stuff is there best seller. How many quarts does your truck hold and who did the analysis? You should post the numbers. [Smile]
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