50 best-selling vehicles of all time

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They should have gone by car sales per year rather than over all, a car sold for 30 years should defiantly sell more than a car sold for 15 years...
And now for the biggest selling vehicle OF ALL TIME...60 million as of 3 years ago....http://www.wired.com/autopia/2008/05/honda-sells-its/
IMO, it shows the value in keeping succesful nameplates around for generations. It's smart to develop and build a name across years with generational improvement rather than constantly abandoning nameplates in favor of "newer" "better" ones. I've always had a problem with Ford dumping their old nameplates and moving to newer names...the all "F" for Ford was a huge mistake imo. The Focus should be the Escort, the 500 NEVER should have been anything other than a Taurus...and on and on. Same thing at Cadillac and Lincoln, although I'm warming up to the letter and number alphabet soup.
YESSS!!! I've never owned ANY of those! The closest I've come to a genericmobile is the Cherokees, but I don't count trucks.
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Volkswagen Beetle and Honda Civic aren't on the list ? I think they sold more than 10 mils in their lifetime.
Umm...look again. Both the Beetle and the Civic ARE on the list. All 3 of my vehicles are on the list, and I'm not the least bit surprised. And I'm ok with that smile
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They should have gone by car sales per year rather than over all, a car sold for 30 years should defiantly sell more than a car sold for 15 years...
Maybe, but the ability to continue selling a car for 30 years is a feat in itself, so this listing takes it into account. Granted, cars undergo serious changes over the years, so that after 30 years, the only thing remaining the same is the name itself. But what are you going to do...
4 out the 6 cars I've owned are on that list....5 IF you count my 1985 Skyhawk as a Cavalier! :P
Olds Cutlass, which one? I have to assume just the supreme and cruiser wagon when they also had the ciera and calais, but who knows? Chrysler voyager shouldn't count, as it was born a plymouth. Throw out a badge, lose the credibility that badge gained you.
Can somebody copy paste the list here? At work and the link is blocked..
This list is silly, many cars are on it simply because the name has been around for a long time. Still a fun read I suppose.
They shouldnt consider a certain model the same car all along.There have been many many generations of Civics,Corollas....etc,and they are not the same car.The engine from the original Civic isnt the same as today,neither is the platform or transmission,or even the size of the car itself.Joke.The closest cars that never really changed were VW Beetle,The GM A*bodies (1964-1988),the GM A-body FWD cars (1982-) and the Chrysler K based line (1981-1995).Escorts had 2 generations in the US,and the final was a Mazda 323 based car.Taurus lived 2(now 3) generations that are not interchangeable..... Just because the names the same,doesnt mean its the same car (ex..1961-1962 Dodge Lancer vs 1985-1991 Dodge Lancer).
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I did not realize that Ford has sold 16.5M Model Ts! Cool list, thanks!
how many of those Model T's are still around?
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