5 Qt. Jugs vs. Individual Qt. Bottles???

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Feb 16, 2004
Seacoast NH
Just wondering what most people use? I have always used the 5 qt jugs and then bought 1 Qt. Bottle for the filter (use a pint to fill)

Most of the quality dino oils that you reccomend can be found in my area (Pennzoil, Chevron, Havoline, Castrol), however, only Pennzoil and Castrol GTX can be found in the 5 qt. jugs which i Prefer because I just drain from my oil receptacle back into the now-empty Castrol jug.

i suppose i could just do this with the qt. bottles but of course it would take longer.

It depends on your sump capacity. They're great if you take 5 quarts or more.

Just picked-up two 5 quart jugs of 10W-30 tonight. Spring oil change is just around the corner.
It's convienient to just pour one container of oil into the motor instead of five. Plus, the 5 quart jug is a little cheaper than by the quart. Still have to have the quarts around for top-ups...
I would love to buy it in the jug, but usually I buy my oil at costco and it only comes in a case of quarts. I do allways buy my 2 cycle oil in gallon jugs...
I use 1-quart bottles. Everywhere I've looked, the 5-quart jugs offer a lower everyday shelf price than 1-quart bottles. However, by clipping coupons from the paper and being patient, I can get prices on the bottles that easily beat the jugs. (In case it's not obvious, I'm talking about unit prices here.)

I drain my oil into one of those pan-in-a-pan things and take that straight to a recycling center - I don't mess around with transferring it to another vessel. (All parts stores here take used oil, but most will NOT take the container you bring it in. They have a huge tank that either you or they dump the oil in, and they don't want to mess with your empties.)

I'm not opposed to the jugs. I can simply get better prices on quart bottles, and there's really no difference in convenience.
When I was using Syntec, I'd buy a 5 quart jug and a single 1 quart bottle. My car took about 5.2 quarts, and the remaining 0.8 quarts was sufficient to keep the oil topped off between 10k miles oil changes.

I don't see any 5 quart jugs of M1 5W-40, though there's an empty spot on the shelf that lists it.
I have to use a quart bottle when I prefill the filter. Also like quarts for the crankcase because I don't need a funnel (one more thing to keep track of and clean). But when I once got a 5 qt jug (cut the 1 qt bottle into a funnel) it sure went in fast and easy!
whichever is cheaper.

I like the Canadian system of 4L (4.4qt) bottles. This more closely matches many sump capacities. The five quart jug is probably a marketing ploy to get you to overfill/lose that extra 1/2 qt by next change time. It's like brake light bulbs coming in packs of two when you only need one.

Ever notice how two gallons of supertech 30 weight works out to $1.24/qt when qt bottles are $.84? Odd.
When you drop off used oil it should be labeled (oil/trans fluid/antifreeze)-has to do with OSHA requirements at the workplace as well as handling. Therefore the jugs identify it as oil saving the hassle of finding a Sharpee.
When I buy Delo 15-40 for my powerstroke, I
find that it's cheaper to buy it by the quart.

One would think that it would be cheaper by
the gallon, but that does not seem to be the
Try 8-10 qt. sump capacities with 1L bottles!

I just hate the individual bottles...open all 8 as the oil is draining, dump 1 at a time and wait for them to drip drain...and repeat 8 times. Takes forever.

2 jugs of Syntec 4L (or M-1) each is the easiest.
Wally World sells Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Castrol, and a couple of others I can't remember off-hand in the 5 qt. jugs, and they're a little cheaper per qt. that way, too...
Wally's sells Mobil 1 in 5 qt. jugs for under $20. It's $4.77 a quart (huge price difference). The qt. bottles are cheap and leak. The jugs don't and are a better container. I like the jugs better anyway. Much more convenient for me.
I buy my M1 at WalMart for $3.44 a quart. They sell the 5 quart jugs for 19.88 which is 3.98 a quart. It is a better deal to buy individual bottles for me. I feel pretty luck because $3.44 is the cheapest I have seen on this board for M1.
When I was using Mobil1 I would get the 5 quart jug for the vic. It's really easy to meassure 6 quarts. Jug + 1 quart.

However, I would usually get quarts when I would do the aspire. It was easier to measure out 3.6 quarts with 1 quart bottles.

Now that I use AMSOIL I just buy a 12 quart case.
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