5 months on oil but only 1200 miles...

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Nov 4, 2003
Central Valley, CA
The vehicle is a 1991 toyota previa. I changed the oil about 5 months ago with chevron 5w30 dino, but the oil only has about 1200 miles over those 5 months (the van doesn't see much use lately). It hold about 6 quarts of oil, btw. Keep it in there with consideration of milage or time? I'm concerned with oxidation, etc, from it sitting too long. I do get the oil up to temp about every other week by running on the freeway for 15 minutes or so. Thanks in advance.
For peace of mind, an oil change wouldn't hurt. Besides, the deterioration process has probably already begun with the additives. I don't quite know the effects of the atmosphere and engine parts on oil and its additives but I'm guessing that $40 or less on an oil change couldn't hurt.
I figure that sure, the oil has more exposure to air in the oil pan, but is it not the same as the oil sitting in the bottle, or does the slight use introduce wear metals etc from the engine that cause the "oxidation."
i do my wifes 94' aerostar van every 3 months or 3 grand. last time it was done, it had acrued only 1,704 miles in the 3 months. most was stop and go city traffic of course. super tech 5w30 and a st 3600 filter. way under 10 bucks, i'd change it, for cheap peace of mind. not to say what ken4 said wasn't correct, but for the price of a analysis, you could do 3, or 4 changes i'm betting. [Cheers!] [ March 30, 2004, 07:14 PM: Message edited by: penzdude ]
If it is driven daily and only accumulates that much mileage, change it. If its only use is weekly or so, annual changes will be fine. My F-150 only sees about 4000 miles a year, but it is not started and driven one mile, shut down, cooled, restarted for the drive home. That kind of use would demand more frequent changes, especially if freezing temperatures are involved, not an issue where you are.
My dad is facing this same issue except he is running Exxon Superflow, he puts about 3,00o miles on his S10 a year and I last changed it about 10 months ago (different city), I'm changing it out next weekend should be interesting..
I just checked the oil level, and it is fine. The color of the oil is still nice and golden. Doesn't smell too much of fuel either. Maybe ill just change it for the hek of it.
I am confronted with a similar dilemma, my F250 'heavy duty' truck with 460 motor is used only about 3 times per month, and about half the time, ran long enough to burn off condensation. I get about 1500 miles per 6 months. It now has brown color but not black.
here's what I do. I do extended intervals or 3k miles. one oil change I had 8 months/3k miles. tbn was still in the 6 range. time is important than mileage at this point if you hardly drive. beginning of spring and beginning of winter are good oil change intervals if you experience extreme seasonal changes. if you live in a warm climate year round and you drive at least ten miles everytime you start your car. yearly changes are very possible. but since dino is so cheap, six months is safe
Originally posted by penzdude: i do my wifes 94' aerostar van every 3 months or 3 grand. last time it was done, it had acrued only 1,704 miles in the 3 months.
My wife's '92 Aerostar with 102000 miles. Also a lot of short trips. I always have changed it at 3000 to 3500 miles on blend oil. That usually is 6 months. No problem. I will have first UOA coming in a few months on 10w30 Maxlife at 3000 miles, so we will see if that was such a good plan.
I do a 4 month interval on my Dodge pickup truck. Sometimes it only gets 700 miles in that time, but I change it anyway because it sees a lot of short trips. Cheap insurance at less than 10 bucks an oil change. [Cheers!]
Change it at 6 months or 3000 miles with the dino. Chevron is a very good oil, but I wouldn't exceed the time limitation of 6 months. Daily Drives: -2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, 2.7 Liter , Mobil1 Synthetic SS 5W-30. ODO 9600 Miles. -1995 Toyota 4-Runner 3.0 V6, Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30. ODO 91800 Miles. http://community.webshots.com/user/amkeer
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