5-20 - Where to buy? :(

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Jun 18, 2006
San Diego, CA
I am trying to change out my oil early but I can't find any 5-20 with high holy moly content. Everywhere that sells Havoline only carries 5-30W. Same thing with Motorcraft. I bought some Castrol Synthetic Blend 5-20, but I don't want to put that in yet until after I've ran it in with a high moly content oil. Or should I? Any ideas where I can find these oils? Stores I am aware of are: Walmart, Kragen, Pep Boys, Napa. I'm in San Diego.
I picked up a couple of quarts of M1 5w20 at my local "Farm and Fleet" for $5/each. M1 isn't exactly "high moly", but it does have moly in it.

However, if you really want "high" moly, see if you can still find some VSOT (Valvoline SynPower Oil Treatment). If you look over on the "Virgin Oil Analysis" board, you will discover that the VSOT additive has a LOT of moly in it (and can therefore be used to make any oil "high moly").

BTW: I normally use M1 5w30 in my cars. However, VSOT has a side-effect of thickening up your oil a bit. So I figured I would get a little 5w20 to mix with the VSOT when adding it to the cars, thereby compensating for the thickening that VSOT does, by adding a small amount of "lighter oil" to the mix.
Get into the Zone....Auto Zone...

Do they have them in Cali? Plenty of 5W20 Havoline there. Advance Auto also carries it so I would assume that there coporate twins, Kragen, Checkers, Schmucks etc would have it.

I believe the VSOT rather handily blows that away, if you're talking PPM.

FM, you'll find VSOT at PEP Boys, but it'll thicken the 5W20 way past 30W if you add a whole bottle. It's REALLY thick. You're in SD, if you can't find the 5W20 Havoline (it's SOMEWHERE out there), run the 5W30, it'll shear back anyway, from what they say.
RP has high moly i think and 5w20 can be ordered online for $5.99/qt free shipping.
RP has around 250ppm compared to Torco's 1372ppm!! VSOT will turn that 5w-20 into a 10w-30 in no time flat.

So many choices! The one place I havent tried is Auto Zone. Kragen, Walmart and Pep Boys does not carry them. Worse comes to worse, I'll throw in Havoline 5-30w. With all the added heat we've been having on the west coast, I'm sure the engine will thank me.

I'll give Auto Zone a try. Is it safe to mix oil brands? Say 2 bottles of Havoline 5-30 and 2 bottles of Castrol Part-Syn 5-20?

OR - How about Havoline 5-30 and a bottle of CD2? My oil capacity is 3.7 quarts (Honda FIT).
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