5.0 ring problems

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Aug 31, 2003
Moorhead, MN
I have had four GM 5.0/307 engines in Olds and Cadillacs. At about 170,000 miles they start consuming oil via the rings.

I now have a new used RWD Cadillac Brougham with 62,000 miles. I've used Pennz 10W30 in most until now. I am going to synthetic 0W30 in the Winter, as I live in -30F northern MN and have one or two cold starts in that extreme temp.

Love any ideas on making this engine go farther and not have the life cut short by ring problems.
May I suggest Mobil 0W-40, this will still be OK for cold starts, but is thick enough at high temps to cut oil consumption. You could probably use this as the "oil for all seasons".

If it is not consuming oil, you could try occasional doses of Techron to keep the upper cyls clean. A lot of ring wear is caused by dirty air entering the system, so regular air filter changes/maintenance will also help.


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I bet the 307 Olds block has very soft iron with no nickle in it. It's gonna wear quicker than a harder block. Watch your air filter to help keep dirt and dust out of it is your best bet.
I agree with davoNF. Mobil 1 0-40 would be a good investment with 6000 mile changes. You might do an auto-rx treatment every 70,000 or so to keep the engine extra clean and of course good air filters. I like NAPA GOLD as they have been the best for my applications.
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