4x4 brakes -- chain tire shop?

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Apr 28, 2007
California, USA
I want to get the brake fluid flushed and the brakes inspected on our 99 suburban 4x4, and preferably on the weekend. And preferably tomorrow since I have nothing to do. The only place it seems I can likely get in tomorrow is a small local chain tire shop that works on brakes and other simple stuff too. If I want to take some time off work I can take it somewhere during the week, but really I'd rather not. I don't really want to do it myself b/c I don't have jackstands rated above 2 tons and frankly, I'm lazy when it comes to that behemoth. The truck has full floating rear axles so from what I can tell getting the rear drums off is a little more involved than it was on my old Tercel :) I don't know though, since I've never taken the brakes off that kind of setup before. Is this laziness to a detriment or should I just take it in to the weekend place? EDIT: Or, I suppose, should I just quit being lazy, get some beefier jack stands, and do it myself?
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I say take it to the place and watch them like a hawk. You will know instantly if they are just trying to upsell you like so many of those places do. Sometimes it is easier to let someone else get dirty. More then likely, there is some kind of guarantee that the chain will stand behind as well. Just my two cents.
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Sometimes it is easier to let someone else get dirty.
Specifically, someone with a lift and an impact wrench :) Actually the guarantee is a good point. Maybe I will do that.
You can probably change the brake fluid without pulling the wheels off on such a tall truck. Then you'll know it's done right and save money.
I decided just to do it myself. Haven't done it yet though. I got some 4 ton jack stands today, and I think an older 3 ton jack I have might have enough clearance to lift the front, but I'm not sure. Worse case I can go pick up a bottle jack for it. I've been looking for an excuse to pick up a pressure bleeder for a while so this might be it. The truck probably does have enough clearance to change out the fluid without lifting it but it would be pretty tight (the brake discs/drums are pretty big and it would be hard to make sure the wheels stay clean). I think I'm going to just lift it one axle at a time and inspect the brakes while I'm doing the fluid change. Maybe not this weekend though.
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