4k miles: $250 Jeep update

Aug 3, 2017
Useless post of the evening... but who doesn't love a good cheap car story, am I right?

I figured I'd post a quick update about my $250 Jeep score. The original post can be found here:

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee score!

Basically, there's nothing to report. I replaced the power steering pressure hose, threw on a set of the cheapest front pads and rotors off RA I could find, and drove the thing. I did evac and recharge the AC, which was already cold but it doesn't hurt to check. It was a half pound low, so I shot her full and she's been ice cold ever since.

Other the brakes and steering, the repairs have been minor. I replaced the rear wiper arm and blade with a $16 kit from Amazon (yes, arm AND a new blade for $16) and it works a treat. The dash speakers were blown, as is the WJ way, so I replaced those with a $35 set of upgraded units. Oh, and I discovered that the aftermarket blower motor was wired in reverse. Fixed that with a quick pin swap and I've got hurricane Katrina in the cab.

All in all, I'm in for less than $500. The truck itself has been amazing, I actually find myself driving it more than my Volt. It's just... better. Sure, 16 MPG sucks. There's just something to be said about driving a good ol' American SUV that's sitting at 230k miles, 20+ years old, and still performs 90% as well as the day it was new.