41TE, 2009 Grand caravan

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Oct 15, 2005
Just serviced the trans in a new to me 2009 grand caravan. 110K on it, factory filter, so I am pretty sure it hadnt been serviced. Trans oil didnt look too bad, neither did the filter. Typical accumulation in the pan/magnet. Filled her back up with Castrol ATF+4 and a new filter. She's running and shifting really nice. As many horror stories as you hear about the 41TE/Ultradrive, my experiences have been pretty good. The wife's pacifica has the same trans. No issues there either. I wish I could say the same thing about the follower/rocker assembly on the 3.5 in the pacifica!
The family has had a few 41TEs over the years and never had an issue, apparently they weren't all bad!
We never had any reliability issues with ours. We had an '03 and an '07. There was a TSB for torque converter programming on the '07 that we had done (and it needed it). Neither one of them shifted very well (slam shifting, clunking, etc), but they didn't break, either.
Yea same here, my aunt has a late 90's Stratus with over 250k, my friend has a 06 previous rental with 100k that I'm sure is OE atf n filter. I've had a 04 sebring limited convertible with 100k+ n now have 07 with 165k and no problems with any of them.
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