40 Weight Mobil1 in 5.0L Ford.

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Dec 25, 2002
Outside smalltown, IL
I decided I'm going to try a 40 weight oil in my Mustang once the Auto-Rx rinse cycle is done and I'm wondering which M1 variety everyone thinks would be the best. Choices - Delvac 1/Truck and SUV 5W-40 0W-40 Mix equal parts 5W-30 and 15W-50 The car sits almost all winter and never gets driven when it's below about 40 degrees. It gets used for trips and an occasional autocross in the summer. The reasons for wanting to use M1 are the easy availability and cost. It gets changed often enough vs. the mileage that how it works for any extended drain isn't an issue. Opinions please !
I'd use the 0w-40. SUV oil is thick on start up and not as friction modified. 0w-40 is a good fit IMO.
Does it absolutely have to be a Mobil 1 oil? What about Amsoil 5w40 or 10w40? Redline 10w40? Castrol 5w40? Schaeffer 15w40? (these oils honestly aren't that difficult to obtain)
Originally posted by Patman: Does it absolutely have to be a Mobil 1 oil? What about Amsoil 5w40 or 10w40? Redline 10w40? Castrol 5w40? Schaeffer 15w40? (these oils honestly aren't that difficult to obtain)
No, it doesn't absolutely have to be M1. I just was thinking I'd limit the choices. The cost isn't even that much of an issue since I'll probably only need to change it once a year. The Schaeffers I'd need to mail order just like the Amsoil or Redline, and I've never seen the Castrol 5W-40 in this area. Patman it was your suggestion after the UOA I posted that got me thinking about using a 40 weight. Now you're bringing up more choices... [Duh!] [Smile] The Redline sounds good except for one thing I'm unsure of. Corrosion resistance while the car sits most of the winter... [ May 01, 2004, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: jsharp ]
Sorry to add more choices to the mix here, I figured everyone should suffer with having so many good oils to choose from and not being able to easily pick just one! [Razz] I guess it doesn't help if I also mention Royal Purple Racing 41 would be an excellent choice too! [Big Grin]
Amsoil's 5w-40 looks very well built. I'd try that of all the mail order oils. I'm still skeptical of Redline. Their 5w-40 has been excellent though. Mainly in VW's however. Different bearing materials. [ May 01, 2004, 10:15 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
I'd run the Mobil 1, 5w-40, mainly because I like the additive chemistry better than the other Mobil 1 formulations. TS
5W40 SUV is the finest oil that Mobil offers over the counter to the public!!! It has cold craking properitys good enough to be used year round in Michigan and it gets darn cold here in Michigan. We are still getting snow in may! It is 85 degrees and raining one day and 32 degrees and snowing the next. Their is no way you will have any cold pumping issues with 5W40 SUV oil! The Mobil-1 0W40 is not any wear near as good as 5W40 SUV oil. 5W40 SUV oil is shear stable, has good cold pumping abilitys and will not thin or thicken out of grade in most applications. 5W40 has been exhaustively tested by heavy duty comercial diesels fleets to protect the valve train under adverse conditions includeing artic. It has a excellent TBN retension as well. Leave the 0W40 stuff alone and let the BMW,Mercedes, and Audi crowd play with them!! The 5W30-15W50 thing is fine if you absolutely have to have moly in your oil but it will not hold up in terms of shear stability and TBN retension like 5W40 SUV does.
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