4.6L DOHC Ford

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Nov 27, 2003
Puyallup, Wa
Accidently posted this in the UOA Forum sorry about that.

I just added an AMSOIL BMK-13 By-Pass filter system to my 2003 Mercury Marauder. I'm running Amsoil S2000 0W30. I read a couple of threads that the S2000 0W30 had pretty good numbers with the by-pass system. I have the same filters the guy with the Subaru had (SDF-15, BE-90.) I saw another that had awsome numbers with this setup also.

I've also read people bashing the fact that "the by-pass is masking the true performance of the oil." Pardon me, but who cares? Look at the UOA's with this oil and the by-pass filter system.


Nuff said.

Does anyone have info on what the typical wear nubers are on these engines?

I'm using an AMSOIL SDF-15 full flow filter. Anyone know what the flow numbers are on this filter compared to the FL-820S that is the stock filter for these engines? msparks, TooSlick, Pablo?

My dad just bought a Crown Vic with everything the Maurader has in it. It's silver though. It has the aluminum suspension and other Maurader equipment. My dad is a big fan of big old American, rear wheel drive cars. Especially V8's. His looks like an undercover silver cop car. He put M1 5w-30 in it. By pass filters allow you to go longer with drains from what I understand.

Originally posted by 1 BAD 03 MM:
Does anyone have info on what the typical wear nubers are on these engines?

I don't think I have seen any UOA's with the DOHC, but the normal 4.6L shows some pretty good numbers considering it's a small V8 putting out a decent amount of power.

IMO, the S2k with this setup is a bit of overkill. The 5w-30 (ASL) with a bypass with get you more than adequate lubrication performance. If you want to pay more for a better oil, I'd go the the S3k 5w-30 diesel oil. Chances are that even the GC will get you up to at least 20,000 miles with a bypass setup.
1 BAD, you make a good point. Even if the by-pass by design is covering up wear particles it is still running oil through the engine as found in the UOA, and that's what realy matters most.

medic, s2k may be overkill, but with a by-pass running an oil that is overkill and expensive is now more reasonable due to extended drain and only changing out two quarts. If you are going to run an oil 20k over two years s2k is probably a good choice.

Granted I took Castrol GTX 50k in my Subaru with a Frantz by-pass, but if I knew then what I know now I would have used synthetic.
Thanks, greencrew, that's pretty much what I was thinking. Besides, the S2k 0W30 has gained me a slight increase in milage and performance.

Buster, no offense man but a Crown Vic is not even close to what a Mercury Marauder is. I like Crown Vics. I've got a 93' (also running S2k 0W30 with no problems, actually slowed oil consumption. Car has 205,000 miles on it, pretty good for a 4.6L SOHC V8). The Marauder is a whole different animal. Same motor as the 03' Mach 1 Mustang. 4.6L DOHC 302HP, 318TQ. Car could use more, and I'm working on it. Sorry to be so defensive but, you should check out the specs on Marauders.
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