4/5 Quart jugs......

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May 12, 2003
Call me stupid, but I had just recently noticed that some jugs are 4 quarts and some are 5 quarts. Duh!!!
However, my question is, why would we be inclined to buy the 4 quart size????? I mean, all engines that I KNOW of take at least 4.25 or 4.5 quarts, but never exactly 4. Even the smaller 4 bangers are needing more than 4 quarts AT oil change, to include the filter. Seems kind of stupid that you have to buy a 4 quart jug and then an additional quart.......That's exactly what happened to me this weekend, had to go back to Walmart and get an extra quart. I haven't built up my oil shrine yet, baby's on the way and you know the rest of the story
I was afraid of that. BUT, wouldn't you want to have a little on hand in case you need it???

I was afraid of that. BUT, wouldn't you want to have a little on hand in case you need it???

Both of my Nissans with the KA24 take exactly 4 quarts with filter. I do want a little more, but I want it in a 1 quart bottle to carry in the trunk , not 1 quart sloshing around in the bottom of a 5 quart jug. Sorry.
3.5 quarts for oil and filter change for my Honda. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend's Infiniti QX4 (V6) specs just under 4 quarts, but we round up to four.
Come on guys, give in a little and agree with him...I mean he has a little one on the way and everything...
...of course he can think about stuff like this while he's sitting up with junior or sissy at 3AM

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4 qts = 1 Gallon. Very common size for applications that use more oil than small gasoline engines - like diesel engines. As a reference, the 7.3l Powerstroke Diesel used 14-15 qts of oil per change. That would be a lot of quart bottles! Instead, you just need to pick up four gallons.

Besides, the 5 quart jugs aren't so nice if you have a 6qt sump, like all three of my vehicles!
Hey, I'm feeling the love.
Well, shiver me timbers matey!!! Guess I was all wet. My experience has been at least 4 1/2 quarts for the average engine. Didn't realize a lot of engines are still below 4 quarts.
Despite what I wrote above, I'm perfectly happy with 5 quart jugs. Two jugs is almost perfect for three oil changes, and if it comes up a bit short I can steal some from the quart in the trunk.

We all know about the 5 quart jugs of Mobil 1 at Wal-Mart, but I was surprised once to see 4 quart jugs of it at K-Mart. I'd have thought they'd pick one size or the other. The price on the K-Mart jugs wasn't that great.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other. I have three cars, a Nissan Pathfinder that takes 3.8 quarts per change, a BMW 525i that takes 6, and a Toyota Landcruiser that holds 8 quarts.

Kind of funny this came up because I am considering switching from M1 0w-40 to Redline oil because Redline is available locally in 1 gallon containers for $24.99 for two reasons. First, it only costs $1.25 quart more than M1. Second, it is much easier to put the used oil into 1 gallon containers than one quart containers to take to the recycler.


Originally posted by Cary:
Second, it is much easier to put the used oil into 1 gallon containers than one quart containers to take to the recycler.


Best used-oil transporter I've found. Holds at least a couple of sumps' worth, and has a nice wide neck for pouring!
Tidy Cat, it's Not Just For Transporting Used Oil Anymore.

I have one of those that I cleaned out, and I use it for adding my oil change. I drain six individual quarts into the jug at my leisure, and then just have to pour into a funnel at change time. Goes very quickly. Let the jug rest on the funnel for a few minutes, as I would for each individual quart bottle, and I'm done.
I can see it now...Mr YZF150 we have performed a VOA on the sample you sent us; this looks like a normal package for a high-quality unused oil except for the asterisked item...

Fe 1
Cu 0
Al 0
Pb 0
CP 65*
Mo 125
Bo 50
*we've never seen a wear metal or additive component quite like this one...it appears to be...how do we say this Mr YZF150...ummmm...cat...ummm...poop!

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5 quart ... It's even worst here in Canada, Penzoil always had 3.78 liter jug, thats BS. Now most of the other company are following...keep the 4 liter and charge me .50 ¢ more,

Originally posted by Schmoe:
I was afraid of that. BUT, wouldn't you want to have a little on hand in case you need it???

Not me. My wife's car takes 4 quarts and burns no oil between changes, so I'd never buy a 5 quart jug since I'd end up always having to leave that one quart in the big jug. Plus those jugs are perfect for putting the old oil into when you're done your oil change.
My Hyundai takes 3.5 qts with filter, but it used to be known as a 1 qt/1200 mi consumer, so I was fine with the 5 qt jugs. Now that I Auto-RX'd it, it seems to have stopped consuming, so the 1.5 qt leftover will have to wait for the next oil change, or go towards my seldom-driven Mustang, which uses the same brand/grade.

My '03 Accord takes a bit over 5 qts, so I need to get 6 anyhow. No sweat, though, the 5W-20 doesn't come in the 5 qt jugs yet.

Single quarts are easier to pour than the jugs. No funnel required.

You must have a steady hand and good timing...sometimes I pour it clean, sometimes I don't...so to avoid the smell of oil cooking on the exhaust manifold, I use a funnel.
I'm in the same boat with the 5 qrt jugs. 1 jug puts the oil level 2/3 of the way to the full mark and so I need about another 1/4-1/3 qrt to fill completely
4 quarts or 5 quart containers, it doesn't matter to me. My Audi wants 5.5 quarts, and I like to have one extra quart. That means, even if I find a 4 or 5 quart bottle, I still need to buy one or two extra 1 quart bottles. I do prefer a large container, because less packaging is greener and it's also more convenient.
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