4.3chevy 2200 miles on oil Royal P 10w30

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Jan 18, 2006
Aluminum 2 Chromium 0 iron 6 copper 2 lead 3 tin 0 moly 120 nickel 0 manganese 1 silver 0 titanium 0 potassium 17 boron 9 silicon 12 sodium 15 calcium 2081 magnesium 1221 phospurous 728 zinc 867 barium 0 vis 59.3 flashpoint 380 fuel .5 water 0 insolubles .4 Yall think its worth tearing into to replace intake gaskets yet .65000 on vehicle
Well,potassium and sodium might be a little elevated, but I haven't paid attention to other UOA's on Royal Purple, so I can't compare them. Have you looked up others' UOA's on this oil (especially if it's from an engine like yours and mine)? My hunch is, it isn't enough to make me want to rip into the intake gasket yet.
Insolubles high for such a short mileage run. Has RP been used before? Have you already added rad stopleak products? Yep, replace/upgrade the intake gaskets.
I agree with unDummy about the insolubles. I would use a less expensive oil and moniter the Sodium and Potassium. Maybe switch oil filters also. Time will tell for sure.
Pennzoil Platinum fights off dilution very well. So says Terry Dyson. I use nothing but SOPUS (Quaker State Synthetic currently) in my 1999 4.3 Chevy S-10. Been using synthetic and standard green coolant since 3K. No intake issues at 100K. Look for puddles under the vehicle daily - check the dipstick level and color -- plus coolant level weekly. I'm currently running thin 5W-20 -- no issues with 5K OCI coming up.
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