3MP Test is OVER

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Nov 16, 2002
Well folks, the dread day has finally come. We all knew this couldn't go on forever. Here is the cold reality: it is now May 24, and since February 21 we have only put 954 miles on the test car. Even worse, we are about to embark on a cross-country journey by motorcycle, so we won't get that last 46 miles until... hmmm... early July probably. This lack of mileage is due to many factors, not really relevant here, but it is obvious that six-month sample intervals are in no way comparable to the three or four week intervals we used to see. It is unfair to pretend that the data we collect now is still valid under the terms of the study. We thank everyone who has helped us over the last two years. We have another study in the works that is not so mileage-dependent, and we hope to release the details in July. Though we stopped accepting donations months ago, those that are still outstanding will be rolled into this new study. Over the next month, while we are away, we would greatly appreciate hearing your take on the information we've gathered so far. In particular we would love to see some essay-length pieces (over 1,000 words) that we might include with a future update on this study, to wrap it up and provide some analysis. Some of you are very knowledgeable (you know who you are!) so here's your chance to say what you think needs to be said. In July, we'll update the study pages to fill them with the collected wisdom and insights. You can use the e-mail address on the Cave Drawings page.
I think it's the natural evolution of vehicle ownership. This isn't a long term daily commuter. There was probably as much good weather during the first 2 years of ownership (although I don't know if a motorcycle was involved during that time). I just don't think it's as fun to drive anymore
Not open for further replies.