3MP Study Update ?

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I have been watching and waiting for the 2000 mile UOA. It has been over 2 months now and no update. I have begun to think that the test is over. I'm sure gas prices have taken a toll on this test, but less than 1000 miles in more than two months? I drive a mile to work and still manage about 1k every two months.
I think there is no point continuing with the test if the M1 SL/GF-3 stuff is going to be obsolete anyway. Better to restart the test with new SM/GF-4 stuff or a different oil like GC gold.
I beleive 3MP mentioned that he is in the process of starting a business and will be slow in updatting the site. As far as i know the study is continuing.
I would love to see more tests, such as
  • Dino with Lube Control
  • Schaefers blend
  • M1 with Lube Control
  • M1 with Schaefers Micron Moly added
  • M1 mixed with Red Line
I would bet based on previous results that Schaeffers and the major hdeo's would go at least 10,000 miles .The mixed oils would be kinda wasteful, but Redline would be interesting.
??? Anyone know what is going on with the study? It's actually has me interested again bc it appears that the alot of wear with Mobil 1 was due to "break-in", however, it's too soon to really make a call on that bc only one sample has been taken.
I don't know what is going on, but I sure would not be impressed if i was one of the ones who donated this time around!
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