3M Perfect-It EX AC Rubbing Compound

Nov 29, 2021
This stuff appears to be purple in color and comes in a bottle clearly marketed for professional use. It says it can remove imperfections down to 1200 grit. I follow the channel Apex Detail on YouTube and I see him try a lot of products including from Jascar (Jescar?) And honestly a whole host of others but I have not heard him chime in on this one.

I have the ability to potentially buy this product through my work. What I'm asking here is if anyone has any experience with it and how they like the product and if this is what you find in a professional body shop and just guys that have been detailing cards for years I'm wondering what you think of this compared to other products if you had a car with very damaged paint that you were trying to bring back to life, he details a Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger on the channel that seems to be about where I'm at with what I'm dealing with and he showed one of his products on the trunk lid.. this question is as to the product itself, if you are a body shop or you have experience with this stuff how did it go please share your experience.

Nov 20, 2006
MA, Mittelfranken.de
It is good stuff but most body shops use the old yellow bottle for compound. Most body shops are dealing with new paint and sometimes adjacent panels not so much whole car detailing.
I use the yello bottle, the paint store I use gave some of the purple bottle to try and I didnt find it any better or worse just more $$. He said the body shops are saying the same and continue buying the yellow.

Nov 21, 2020
Here is my take as a professional that uses compound and swirl remover daily. To me the difference between the yellow and the purple is that the yellow seems to have solvent fillers that dont give a true buff 100% of the time. The purple seems to have less fillers, so it gives a truer buff. I used the yellow for years working in the collision/restoration business, and a lot of times i would cut and buff a paint job and it would look amazing. However, once washed the sand scratching from 2000 and even 3000 grit would re appear, resulting in me having to spot buff the areas in order to eliminate the hazing. I switched to “the purple” years ago and never looked back. If a cut panel was buffed to shine it stayed that way. I will say that the yellow bottle “buffs to shine” quicker, but the purple gives a truer buff. It just takes a little longer to achieve the clarity. To this day i still use the purple daily, and feel like it does a great job as a professional buffing compund.