3800 Series II with GC 0W-30 ?

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
Are there any members on this board that run GC 0W-30 in their 3800 Series II V6 ? This is a General Motors 3.8L V6 introduced in 1995 and produced through 2004. In 2005 the Series III was introduced, which is essentially the same engine except for fly-by-wire throttle control. These engines were installed in Pontiac/Olds/Buick front wheel drive cars. All replies would greatly be appreciated.
i've been runing gc for the last four oci in my '00 gtp,about 25k total miles.eng is quiet and uses very little, maybe 8oz per 6k.eng has 162k. all the gc i've used is the green stuff.next change will be the newer golden stuff.ave. 26mpg. had been using motul 8100 0w40..also an excellent oil.gc is everything this board has said it is,a great oil.
I would gladly run GC in my 3.8 if I still had it. That being said, it's kinda' a waste, given that the 3.8 seems to run great with ANYTHING in the crankcase. You can't kill that engine. Nice to know you have a great margin of safety with that oil in there.
I will use it in my '00 firebird 3.8 once I'm done Auto-RXing it. Just for clarification, the last 3 model years of the f-body [camaro, firebird] used drive-by-wire throttle controls, and the 3800 series II was standard issue starting in 1996 until they were cancelled in 2002. RWD of course... As an extra added bonus, the f-body 3800s didn't have that damned plastic Upper intake manifold! I do UOA's so I will post when the time comes. Haven't found a the ideal oil yet from the point of view of wear metals [so far, M1 has been ok and Havoline synthetic was not good].
What year and if before intake mods for 2004 has the intake been redone? If its still vulnerable to GM intake coolant leaks I recommend shorter OIC with Chev/ Hav dino and get UOAs with the money you save on not buying GC. It's the intake leak that kills a 3800 not engine wear. I have 67 Jeep with the same motor and its doing fine still at around 250,000.
it's kinda' a waste, given that the 3.8 seems to run great with ANYTHING in the crankcase
From a practical perspective absolutely true...but it IS nice to have the Elves along for the ride [Big Grin] PS They are really good company... [Wink]
Hi Intake leaks in the L36 3800 is best dealt with by using the latest LIM gaskets from the General, and either the Dorman UIM or if you wish, do as I did and install the L26 aluminum UIM and use an adapter for the TB. I havent heard of any failures with the Dorman. I had one installed for nearly 100k mi and the EGR port looked pristine.
Chaulk me up for a failure with the Dorman. The problem is the EGR stovepipe, and air in the cooling system. In addition the Dorman intake cracked around the bolt holes. I have a UOA with GC and a bad coolant leak in the UOA section. It did great.
HI T.K., yours is the first EGR chimney failure I have ever heard for the Dorman. I had one with 100k miles on it, and the EGR port was pristine. As for the cracking, the torque for the UIM is in inch pounds. Sounds like yours was over torqued
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