3300 Miles in a 2015 Lincoln MKS 3.5 EcoBoost


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Jun 14, 2008
In the Garage...
I don’t think the car gets much love and most of you know I don’t do Ford. My biggest complaint was for the size of the car it is a bit small on the inside. It has the same engine as the SHO, the 3.5 EcoBoost. Really is a nice power plant. Car is AWD. Adaptive cruise worked pretty well, lane assist was adequate. Transmission shifted really nice didn’t hunt, didn’t exhibit any weird habits. Brakes are really nice. He could put some new tires on it, they were a bit loud.

We did some good runs in stretches of MT, SD, MI and WY. Spurts of 85 to 90 MPH for miles and miles. Over the 3300 miles hand calculated mileage was about 23.4 MPG. I didn’t think that was too bad.

Rode smooth, and was comfortable. I didn’t get tired driving that car at all. The 900 mile day was long, but I didn’t feel horrible at the end. Aside from the water pump location I really like the car. It was really awesome on that long of trip. Probably a decent deal on the used car market. The infotainment system is a bit busy, but once I got used to it, it was pretty good.

Just some observations: Washington State Highways are horrible compared to everything else we drove on except for the city of Chicago. Every state but Washington used the left lane properly. Washington’s rest stop are horrible. Every other state we went through had nice clean rest stops with good services.
It seems no state really uses turn signals. People drive SLOW in Washington, every other state we drove through wanted to get stuff done! Hammer Down! We hit the most traffic in, you guessed it Washington. (Why do I stay here?)

So the back story my buddy who had colon cancer a few years back took a job in job in Portsmouth at the shipyard there. He is from Maine and his family is there.
We packed up here in Washington and drove Cross country over I-90.
I drove the complete 3300 and some odd miles. He had to take some meds to make the trip, so he didn't want to drive.
We left 5:30 AM on Saturday September 17th.

First day We stopped in Pullman WA, to see his son and stayed in Kalispell MT. to see an old Navy Buddy.

Day 2 was to Rapid City to see an old neighbor and coworker. We stopped and saw the Anaconda MT cooper smelter smoke stack. Largest free standing brick structure on the planet.

Day 3 Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug, Corn Palace and the 60ft tall statue of the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth Minnesota. That was a 900 mile day.
We stayed the night in Madison Wi. We couldn't believe all the wind turbines in Minnesota.

Day 4 was to Batavia NY, about 40 miles east of Buffalo. We didn’t stop to see anything. I did want to see the RV hall of fame...next time.

Day 5 Wednesday September 21st was to Westport MA, My family lives there. On the way we stopped in Catskill, NY, where I grew up. We had lunch with my Aunt and Uncle who I have not seen for 5 years.

From there we drove to Westport, MA. I stayed with my family for 4 days, my Buddy stayed for 2. He headed off to Maine. I flew back Sunday September 25th. Was hard to say goodbye. I have known the guy since 1996 and we shared an office for 6 years.

I will post a few photos later.
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A comfortable seat is really important for a long drive. Of the cars that we have, the bench seat in the 1992 Toyota pickup is the most comfortable for me. My wife’s Subaru Outback kills me on a long drive.

Road in Montana near Flathead Lake/Flathead Reservation

View from my buddy's yard in Montana.





5lbs Lobster

Sunrise upstate New York


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Nice pics and it sounds like you had a nice trip.

You were in my neck of the woods. I go from home about 20 min south of Buffalo (Eden/Angola exit of the Thruway) to Corfu, Pembroke, Batavia area a few times a month to see a friend.

Some day I want to take a trip out west.
Nice pics and awesome t-shirt!
Thought about getting a MKS 3.5 EcoBosst back 2015. The interior felt to small for me as you mentioned so decided to get the Tahoe. I prefer a V8 to a 3.5 EcoBost anyway.