300mi/12mo on M1 - time to change???

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Mar 31, 2003
My '76 Trans Am sits 11 months out the the year (ie collectors car). I try to take it out every Sept. and give it a good run. (ie enough to run thru the old fuel).

Should I really change out M1 with a mere 300 miles on it?? What about the filter?? It seems like a total waist.

If I do change oil at 300mi, what would be a better option?? I feel guilty replacing M1 with such few miles.
Shouldn't you feel guilty about not driving this collector's car more often?
I would be more concerned with oxidation and rust, from not running the engine. You may want to do a search, but I think someone here (I am thinking Molakule), recommended amsoil S3000 and a heavy dose of LC for long term storage.
I would still change the oil once per year, maybe even twice, but collect that oil into a clean container and use it in your daily driver.
I agree with Patman (don't I almost always). Change AT LEAST once a year, right after you give it your Sept workout. My head says once a year is enough, my heart says every six months. Since it is a collector's car, I think you should get past the "it's a waste" philosophy unless it's your "conservation side" coming out (which is OK too) because you are protecting your investment. How often do you start it and let it run during the idle (no pun intended) months?
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