$3/qt 0w-16 (Eneos)

Sep 16, 2004
Santa Barbara, CA
Was doing some shopping for 0w-16 deals and thought I'd have to do a Pennz rebate, but ran across a too good to believe price on 12 qts of Eneos.
I thought maybe the websites (found 2 for ~$44) were scammy, so I kept searching. Pretty sure this is a discontinued product clearance and likely is just drop-shipped.

Best price at a reputable website - SCW Use code "ATTEN7" for 7% off.

Shipping was $12 to CA for 24 quarts. $10 for 12 quarts.

After shipping and tax, I'm at $3.17/qt (bought 24) (listed 30 in stock, now 28 after my order)
Eneos PDS
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