3 month old used oil ,400 miles,no less than 20 miles at a time? Can i use it?

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Jul 10, 2002
I have 4 vehicles and 2 stay in the garage,sometimes i have to take them out and drive at least 20 miles or more once a week?Sometimes when i change oil at 3 months i have only 400 miles on it.I was wondering if it would hurt to use this in one of my daily drivers like a 88 caprice with 70,000 miles 4.3 V6?Or does the oil continue to degrade when used and sitting in a bottle? The 2 in the garage are a 94 suburban with 65,000 miles and a 99 Silverado with 15,000 miles.Just changed to Mobile one in each of these for the first time.The old oil is GTX 10-30. Thanks
IMO I think it would be a very reasonable thing to do. I would do it. But I wonder what the others think about it.

I reckon it would be OK, if you could guarantee to prevent contamination in the process.

Were I going to keep my 4Runner, after my thick thin comparison, I was going to drain the Delvac 1 from the 4 runner, and use it in the Camira.

A guy I used to know did that all the time with his good car and beater.
I believe you can do it safely; if you want peace of mind about it, do one UOA just to see what it looks like. I believe you will find it good for what you intend. If there is moisture in it, it will go the first long drive you make.
What does it look like after 400 miles? I'd be interested.

Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX:
What does it look like after 400 miles? I'd be interested.

The oil from my sub with 65,000 miles at 400 miles is a little dark ,the oil from the silverado looked real clean and not as dark when you put your finger in it.I use to use this oil lots of time in another old beater i drove for 25 years a 75 olds cutlass with 325,000 when the tranny started to go and i decided to get rid of it.Had a chance to buy grand pas car a 88 caprice V6 with 55,000 miles when i got it.Runs a little rough at times and throws a little oil up in the air cleaner sometimes?Hopeing to run it and clean it out and it might be ok,i dont think the caprice has ever seen 70 mph
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