3 held over radioactive material

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Mar 21, 2006
Las Vegas NV
Kiev - Three Ukrainians have been arrested for seeking to sell radioactive material that could have been used by terrorists to make a "dirty bomb", the country's SBU security service said Tuesday. The three men were arrested in the western Ternopil region last Thursday when they tried to sell a container of radioactive material for $10m, the SBU said in a statement. The men - identified as a member of the Ternopil regional parliament and two businessmen - believed they were selling 3 672kg of radioactive plutonium-239, the statement said. The material "could have been used for terrorist purposes for the creation of a dirty bomb", the SBU said, referring to a kind of weapon combining radioactive material with conventional explosives.
They have a heck of a nerve interfering with free market forces like that. Thanks for the link. Once a commie ..always a commie ..sheesh!
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Hmmm... for a minute I thought three people were being held over radioactive material. Are they done yet?
If you like medium rare.
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