26000 KM on AMSOIL 5W30!!!

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May 23, 2004
My friend bought a brand new Suzuki Swift on Jan 2001. He changed his first oil after 8000 KM and after that he used AMSOIL 5W30. He left the oil in the car for over 25,000KM. 99% of mileage was on Highway (50-200KM trips) I think he added 0.5 L to top it off. when he changed the oil the AMSOIL was still very clean almost like brownish honey. Back then I didnt know about oil analysis otherwise I would have sent a sample to blackstone. the car has over 100,000K on the clock now and he has only changed the oil 3 times so far. The engine runs just like day one, oil comes out very clean, no valve-train noise, MPG has not changed and it hardly uses up any oil between oil changes!
Few days ago he sold the car and it passed emission testing and all with flying colors.
Do we need another Amsoil testimonial?

Originally posted by Pablo:
Not really a testimonial....and we must admit over the years here, people ask if some actually do long OCI's.

Also, it's KM...so not really THAT long...

I know it was Km's and I was only kidding.
I actually have some ATM to use.

Bitog members are obsessive/compulsive oil changers, so I guess, we'll never know.

I'll probably not summon the courage to run ATM longer than 6K. 7.5K most.
26,000KM is about 16500 miles. I think new engines run so clean and efficient that 26,000 is possible with good synthetic oil. If I ever buy a new car I will use high quality synthetic oil and change it once a year or every 20,000KM.

right now I am using AMSOIL 5W40 in my 14 years old VW Golf with over 250K on the clock. I am planing to go at least one full year with it. I already have 2500KM on the oil. I will do a UOA next year in June and post the results.

I have already gone 15 months using AMSOIL 20W50 in my race jetta and it worked great. I have set up my car to run rich since I have 11:1 CR. the higher than normal Iron is due to brand new Camshaft (I think!)

I put on 5000 miles and over 10 race events.
I'll have a 30,000km(18,300 miles) UOA on Amsoil 0w30 at the end of July. If you have a bypass filter and drive mostly hiway miles the oil will last a long, long time. My TBN only dropped from 12.8 to 9.4 in 12,000 miles and only 1/2 qt make up oil.
The best page I have ever read. After reading this I can't wait to pour in my ATM-1G or 1gallon of AMSOIL 10/30. Tighten down my SDF-13 or my AMSOIL oil filter.The BREAKIN is over go long now!
I replyed to this elseware but after getting my oil reports back from Blackstone telling me to dump a pretty good oil in Castrol Syntec, at 3000 because they felt the engine was still breaking in.They said the next oil chang should so good improvment.That should take me to 9000 mi.So going by my engine and driving style using Castrol Syntec 10/30 it will be broken in properly at 9000 miles. My 2003 Hundyi just turned 12000 (wifes car) sent UOA in it too is ready I'm sure for AMSOIL 10/30 or a good oil and longer intervals.Hope that helps.
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