255/70/16 OR 265/75/16

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Jul 24, 2004
north carolina
my truck has 255/70's i would like to go to 265/75's will my speed be a whole lot different? and also will my gas mileage suffer a lot? will there be a big price difference from one tire to the other? tks.
Your speedo will read approx 3mph slower. Theres ~1" diameter difference between the two tires (which amounts to 1/2" effective height change).

Discounttire.com has a tire calculator under their Tech section which allows you to compare different tire sizes. According to this, GMGuy is right, is your speedo says 65, you're doing 68.44. That's ticket time in some areas if you're a +10 speeder!
Maybe for high speed cornering or a slight increase in power you might want to drop the size like that, but I like the 265/75/16's on my 4 runner..... Gets me a little higher in the floods and rivers than the 255's on my pickup.
I also have 255/70R16s on my F150. Tires have 65K on them and won't last much longer. Thinking of going to 265/70R16s. 70 not 75. These are lighter should provide a better ride. Speedo would be off by 1.2 mph, almost negligable. This is a standard size on Toyotas so there's a good selection. Anyone have any experience with this size on Ford truck? Notice any loss of fuel economy or sluggish feel? Should look a little better on the truck but have never seen this size on an F150. See plenty of 265/75/R16 and they look good but I frequently read complaints about gas usage and dogged out engines, the 4.6L isn't going to blow anyone's doors off let alone with larger tires to push around.

Originally posted by alreadygone:
265/75R16 is usually cheaper than 255/70's because it's so much more widely used. Curious as to why you want to Change?


just taller tires, thats all
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