22 Acura RDX Synthetic Blend

Apr 12, 2005
Long Island, NY
We own a 22 Acura RDX Aspec and got free oil changes for the vehicle. To my surprise the dealer uses Acura synthetic blend motor oil. It has the 2.0 direct injection turbo motor. I know it's probably a cost thing but shouldn't full synthetic be used. We are meticulous with the oil changes, change it every 3 to 4 months anyway, short distance driving. Who refines the Acura synthetic blend oil?
Why would you think that a syn oil should be used especially with shorter oil change intervals.
Why would you think that a syn oil should be used especially with shorter oil change intervals.

I think the OP’s concern is that it’s a turbocharged engine. And Honda/Acura seems to think it’s fine.

But…as I was considering a new CRV I looked at the on-line owners manual. I found a portion that explained it was “normal” to see a warning on the dash if the engine was stopped and restarted after sustained high speed driving or driving in hilly terrain saying not to drive or only drive slowly until the light went out. I can only assume this has to do with high turbocharger temperatures. If that’s so, I’d be a bit more comfortable with a high quality, full synthetic. (I don’t know if the RDX Manual has similar warnings, but they are close relatives.)
They are allowed to use any API 0w-20 oil, even conventional (if there was one). Yes, they will put cheapest they can, thats why they sell these service packages…
Check out fuel dilution UOA for these engines. They are fuel diluters. You might want to go with higher grade like Xw30 and change oil every 3-4k miles. The actual oil brand will be less important
A ) I would bet a lot of money that dealership is using bulk oil from a local or regional oil wholesaler.

B ) I always think it’s funny when people pay for a vehicle think they are maybe getting “ free “ oil changes etc. Nah… that cost is built in when you got that vehicle. Or they will vacuum it out of you when you get your “ free” oil changes with other added on service items.
aint got the first thing to do with it. you said "turbo= fully syn" sump size makes no difference
Really? Nothing to do with it?
Type of turbo? Cooling? Space available to design all that? Last time I checked Acura doesn’t have space under the hood that MACK has etc.
You obviously are not familiar with VW 1.8 Turbo issues in the US in 90’s and lack if those issues in Europe.