2023 Spring Mobil Delvac™ Rebate Program

The rebates I submitted for the TSC clearance ESP 5W-40 the other day have already been approved, now how long it takes to get the gift card is another story.
I submitted a WM purchase 3 weeks ago. Rebate was approved just an hour after submission. I opted for the virtual card instead of a physical card and received it a week after that.
Last night I hit up another TSC 30 miles away near my moms house to drop off her new laptop I set up for her and they had 4 gallons of the M1 diesel 5W40 ESP with $22.99 sticker but they rang up $5.49 each ;)

Already submitted and approved for $14 rebate with virtual card and going to reload my Amazon gift balance with it !! Tomorow doing another rebate for 2 :)
HOLY MOTHER !!!!!!!! Got my 2nd $14 e-debit card rebate in 2 days of submission :eek::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops: This has to be a record rebate payment ?????

Pays my fuel/lunch for the "Hunt" ;)🤤🤪(y):cool:
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I’m Having trouble logging in; says “account deactivate“. I tried the forgot password link and says same thing. I called them and talked to the rep for about 10 mins and she could not help me. Anyone else having problems?
They deactivated one of my email addresses as well.