2022 MT09

Feb 11, 2019
Hi - My new MT09 had about 450 miles on it and a couple of people commented on the darkness of the oil. I’m sure it was fine but read about Blackstone and thought it would be interesting to send off (great company and service).

The report is attached.

Regarding the results, am correctly interpreting them correctly in understanding that the high metals are from the break in period? I guess this would make sense to me, like when you do a first oil change and can see more metallic glitter in the oil and on a magnetic drain plug (even though it will have the usual low 600 miles) than other subsequent oil changes.

And I’m assuming the 2300 miles that the averages are based on are not break in miles?

But all in all they’re saying it looks normal considering the above? Interested in hearing anyones opinion.

Thanks again for your help and patience from some likely paranoid questions! The oil world is interesting but I’m a total noob here.


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I’m curious what the manual recommends for the first oil change? You probably could have gone a lot longer with this oil, given all the Molly, good viscosity and low insolubles. Looks like a really good engine.
The manual states 600 miles. What stands out to you to say looks like a good engine, if you don’t mind me asking?
To me, those metal numbers are relatively low for a break in. Aluminum and iron are up but totally expected for the first 420 mi on an engine, the others look like an engine that's been in service for a longer time. All good to my knowledge.

Albeit a bit shorter than 600 mi, if I was making the statement, those numbers would say to me it "looks like a really good engine".
rule #1 about blackstoner reports is that you dont listen to blackstoners reports!

rule #2 is that you dont do a uoa on the 1st oci of a new motor.

rule #3 or the 2nd or possibly even the 3rd (depending on miles when done)

now the good things:
so glad you did the oci at 400ish miles! WAY TO GO! super great job
now do the 2nd and 1000ish
and the 3rd at 1750 - 2000

and THEN do a uoa at the next oci...if you want
or just fill it with Shell Rotella T 15w40 in the white jug at walmart for 18.88gal every time the shifting sucks.
never spend the money on another uoa and live a happy life!

ride safe man!
Not bad advice above. I like maintaining good shifting over a longer OCI than what Rotella conventional 15w40 (if that is the oil referred to) has offered in my bike, but a good oil from a protection standpoint. There is an old adage saying fresh oil is the best oil, more frequent changes within reason aren't a bad thing, IMO.
Wear metals from break in are nothing to worry about.

Once found coolant in factory fill which was a bad head gasket.

Nothing wrong with earlier oil changes.

If you want to learn more, you UOA every change and collect trend history.

What oil and filter did you install?
2022 MT03 new. I've never liked the way Yamalube holds up in any of my machines. Shift quality degraded a lot around 120-150 miles. I just changed at 200 miles (didn't change oil filter yet). I break in hard with minimal idling. I changed it to T6 5w-40 since I had it in the garage for the last couple years doing nothing. Will probably change to Amsoil DB40 next (have that laying around also). Motul might be next just to try if there is a difference with shift quality. I added a magnetic drain plug also.