2020 Brute Force 300 Transmission oil

Apr 14, 2020
Upstate New York
I have a 2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 and I want to change out the transmission and final rear gear oil. The manual says to use SAE#90 for the transmission case and SAE#80 for the final rear gear. It doesn't specify GL-4 or GL-5 or anything like that. It is an automatic CVT transmission. Now I went went to the dealer yesterday, they gave me Honda HP Trans 80w85 (which is a pink/red color) and told me to use in both Trans and Rear. I found it weird because it's Honda brand and it's not what I drained out of the transmission. Is the Honda HP ok to use and if not, what should I use? I don't want to void the warranty or mess anything up.
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I'd have just grabbed a quart or two of synthetic 75W90 for both fill points. Any farm store or Walmart should have a house brand probably bottled from Warren Oil company, usually $6-$7 a quart. I use the Walmart Supertech 75W90 in applications that require that range of 80 to 90 weight and change it as required by the recommended interval or sooner. Oil's cheap, replacement parts not so much.
I've seen those machines live on a steady diet of whatever was in a jug resembling gear oil in weights from 75-140 weight and run hard full of water and mud. I'd go with whatever flavor gear oil is on sale in 80w-90 and run it.