2019 Q2 Tesla Production Record...

The 10-Q for the quarter will be released in about four weeks; a better understanding of the Q2 results then. Yahoo! Finance survey of Tesla analysts recently showed a Q2 consensus of ($0.55) non-GAAP earnings per share. That figure was a positive $0.55 EPS just two months earlier.
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Why are non-GAAP results considered valid?
Non GAAP results are presented to investors as a reconciliation between adjusted and regular results. Acquisitions and other 1 time expenses are examples of adjustments. Non GAAP has a smoothing effect on earnings volatility. They must be presented as Non GAAP.
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Tesla is dead so many times over if not for other external funding.
Same could be said for any of them. No carmaker globally stands on their own. UD
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I guess they ain't dead yet... Tesla Sets Delivery Record
Ive heard all about them failing for the last 7 years. Analysts have been laughably off for years ignoring milestone after milestone So far year to date they outsold BMW in the states in passenger autos, and have the number 10 selling passenger car. Goodbadcar has all the data. UD