2019 6.7 Powerstroke Valvoline PBE 5w-40

Good afternoon everyone, attached is a 10k run of Valvoline Premium blue extreme 5w-40 as the title states. Blackstone mislabeled as 15w40. On the same report are some previous UOAs that I haven't posted yet:

5/20/2020-2,100mile run on factory fill (made a thread with this UOA)

1/1/2021- 5,000 Mile run of Motorcraft 15W-40

1/4/2021- 5,100 Mile run of Shell Rotella T6 5W-40

4/10/21- 10,000 Mile run of Valvoline 5W-40 (this thread)

All mileage numbers are approximate.

Another note on this last run of Valvoline is that the truck was converted to "non-highway" emissions standards the same day the oil was changed and the sump was filled with Valvoline.


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I see all the UOAs so far for this PSD as breaking in the engine. The next UOA should be a good one.
I agree, but I would still say this last run was a good one. The truck is used as a daily driver that tows a 15k pound or more equipment trailer on a regular basis. There was also a trip to Texas and back from Florida towing a lighter trailer on this run.
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Get your UOA done by WIX or NAPA where you get the TBN without paying extra. You can probably go farther than 10K on synthetic oil, assuming the TBN holds up.

Toss in a bypass filter if you really want the engine to last.