2018 Explorer N/A 3.5 V6 - cut-open filter question

Sep 12, 2002
This engine has 17k miles. I installed a filter magnet (the two-piece deal) because I had it lying around and was curious what it would pull. I did the oil change today at 4600 miles and cut-open the filter, cut apart the pleats, etc...

The magnet did pull a lot of ferrous filings on the inside of the filter shell. I saw some colored "grit" though, like red/yellow almost looked like painted flecks. No idea where it would come from the engine though. Lots of the black "goo" that you normally find on transmission magnets or rear diff magnets. Not a whole lot.

Inside the filter pleats (FL-500-S Motorcraft) nothing substantial but I did see non-ferrous flecks of metal, almost like glitter in size and shape. Is this normal for an engine with such low mileage? I've been fairly religious about oil changes - every 5k miles or less with synthetic xW-20 and a filter change. Blackstone has told me before that the 3.5L will show signs of metal wear until about 30k miles when it starts to drop/disappear.