2018 Compass 20 months/6,942 miles Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20

Aug 8, 2006
Lafayette, La.
Oil was changed in Aug. 2019 @ 10,889. When it reached the low mark in Oct. 2020 @ 14,889 I took a sample and then added 1qt. For the next 10 months (or 2,942 miles) I periodically added oil making sure it was near the full mark, which ended up being another quart by the time I did the oil change. So roughly 20 months @ 2qts and 6,942 miles on oil. (Side Note: the first 2 reports were samples) The Compass is going in for the W20 "oil consumption reprograming", so hopefully I can do a 12 month oil change without adding oil, crossing fingers

Oil Report.jpg
You could try a thicker 0w-20 like M1 AFE, EP, or PP Ultra to see if it burns less.