2017 Suburban Rod Knock

Similar experience when i stopped at a college town to eat on a road trip about 3 years ago. Saw this bratty looking college age white blond girl in a lifted daddy bought jeep wrangler that had a something of a loud rod knock sound to it as well as it was slowly rolling in the lot. I just kept staring at it as it drove away from the restaurant parking lot and accelerated.
Prolly a broken piston. Semi common on the 2000+ 4.0.
I’m right there with ya BOF! I’m the youngest of nine and by the time I started grade school my parents and older siblings were asking me what year, brand, and models of cars we would see on the roads in our small town. We made a game of it and my 4 older brothers would occasionally try and stump me but they rarely succeeded. I remember telling an older neighbor that you could look at the tail light lens on most cars and the year model was molded into the lens. I walked over to his car and showed him the tiny numbers on the lens and he chuckled and said well I never knew that! His car was a 59 Chevy btw!
Me too. When I started driving in 1980 I could tell what kinda car was coming up behind me at night by the headlights, turn signals and running lights. 😆
Threads like this are bad for BITOG.
Zero info from the vehicle owner.
5 minutes of ships passing in the night style info gathering.
Rampant speculation.
Holier than thou camraderie.

I agree, and especially confused on why the race of the vehicle owner needed to be included.
Just an little amusing observational thread, and a bunch are getting a pantie wedgie!

I agree with BOF. A Chevy guy just does not like to see one hurt and ignored - Like a run-away dog with a broken leg.

I Would have started a conversation with the guy if he was on the pump adjacent to me.
But If he appeared to be a Realtor, I'd just put it on ignore ;)
Active Fuel Management, just another name for cylinder deactivation.
From what I understand, and have read and seen only about 2-3 times, there is an electronic plate below the intake (the LS engines) that operates the AFM. And you can buy an aftermarket plate and lifters to deactivate this POS garbage setup, correct?