2017 Audi TTS, Tuned, Track use, 4.4K miles OCI, Motul Sport 5W40

Mar 17, 2021
This Audi TTS is Stage 1 tuned on pump gas. Running HPDE days and seeing higher oil temps, I was looking for a 5W40 that started with cST100 and HTHS farther above the minimum range specs. Motul Sport 5W40 specs are 14.4 cST and 4.0 HTHS ( the top-ups were with Motul Sport 5W50 just because the 5W40 is available only in 5L jugs). Sport includes "some esters" and is API SM but has no manufacturers' approvals. Motul recommends Sport as an alternative to 300V for mixed street/track use, which fits my profile.

These analyses covers 8 track days/ 14.5 hours total. Most of the days saw oil temps around 240F - 245F, but 2 of the days in the first UOA were hot weather at Thunderhill where the oil hit 265F. The top-ups with 5W50 probably account for the slight increase in additives for the second UOA. My usual OCI is 3500 miles or 12 track hours (6-7 days), whichever comes first, but I wanted to run this oil out a bit farther to see how much headroom I have at my usual OCI. The oil has now been changed and is straight Motul Sport 5W40 and the top-ups will also be 5W40, so we'll see how much difference that makes.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 9.34.58 AM.png
Apr 25, 2008
honestly, for 8 straight track days on a highly power-dense engine, i'd say you're doing just fine with these results. the lead is something to keep an eye on, but i don't think its unusual for your usage case. looks like the air filter is doing great with that low silicon and you certainly aren't loading up the oil with gas given that amazing flashpoint. 5k seems like a good light-track-majority-street run, or 3.5k for heavy track use with that oil. i'd just keep doing what you're doing and get some more data.