2017 2.8 Duramax - RLI Biosyn HD 10w40 - 8400 mile OCI

Nov 8, 2017
Another boring RLI Biosyn analysis. The wear profile is essentially the same as the previous interval of 7800 miles. I was alerted to change the oil at 7500 miles however it was pushed to 8400. I plan to extend it further next time to 9000 miles or one year. I did not do any towing this year, however did do some hauling at max payload a few times. The truck is 100% stock This is the RLI Biosyn HD 10w30 and 15w40 blended 50/50 to make a "light" 10w40 of 13.3 cSt. The VOA baseline is the blend I sent in for analysis. The elevated manganese and extremely low oil soot 0.1% is from the Amalgamated TDR-FL additive. I've been using this stuff with every fill up on 2 different vehicles and both have the same results. This additive does increase combustion efficiency and reduce soot loading to the DPF and EGR. I believe it contains MMT in addition to other organic or metallic additives not shown in the SDS. This additive does actually work and I have 3 UOAs now which prove it. Yes, I know this oil is CJ-4 and not Dexos 2. I don't care. The results speak for themselves. [Linked Image from i.imgur.com]