2016 FLTRU Amsoil MCV 20W50, 5032 miles

May 23, 2017
I rebuilt engine over the winter.

!0,000 miles on rebuild. Fuel Moto 107, Wood 777 cams, Level B heads and lower end done by Darkhorse. 128.5ft.lb. torque

Samples 13 and 14 were from rebuild. Sorry for the small print not sure how to fix it.



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Similar engine mods to what I want to do with my 2008 FLHT… how’s it roll out compared to stock? The TBN hangs on incredibly… are all your samples Amsoil MCV?
Power is impressive. I downshift a lot less now while pulling a trailer. I will do this to the next bike much sooner because it's such a blast to ride.
Yes, all samples are MCV.
Thanks for the heads up on VIN. Probably should have covered it up.
You will have a blast when you do the engine mods. I had an 08 FLHT also. Crimson Red Sunglow.
I put everything together. Fuel Moto ported the heads and Darkhorse did the lower end. I installed the tune from Fuel Moto to complete the 3 heat cycles and brought to a local tuner.