2015 Town & Country Front End Shake

Jun 8, 2006
I have a 2015 Town & Country and sometimes under medium braking (or harder) there is a front end shimmy/shake sensation. Kind of like going over a washboard section of gravel/road. It isn't the brakes or rotors. The brake pedal is perfectly smooth and pads/rotors were all just replaced about a year ago.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose? Any guesses on where to look first? I tried searching but everything I found was only talking about rotors and I know what a rotor pulsing feels like. This is not that. I thought maybe bearing, control arms or suspension could be related to something like this but I couldn't find anything talking about that.

Thanks for any help.
Maybe the control arms. I looked at the mileage in the post- might be time to change something….
It has definitely been loved a while. The struts are not original. I'd hope it isn't them.
Sway bar bushings are common culpit on this van. Be sure to replace with OEM. Many aftermarket are just a hair too large diameter.
I had a similar issue with a vehicle and was determined to be the wheel bearing was going bad.