2015 Silverado KO2s

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Feb 1, 2013
Idaho Former FL
Got some 275 60 20 BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 (33") put on and did a 1.5" level for the front. These tires are awesome. Really quiet for what they are. Hardly any louder than my Michelins I took off. I trimmed my front air dam recently also. No more worry of getting hung up off road. 15" of ground clearance under the front bumper now instead of the stock 8" enjoy the pics. Rides the same too !
Please readjust your headlights since you raised up the front!!! I guarantee you are probably almost blinding oncoming drivers at night.
Looks awesome. Good call on trimming the airdam. The stock ones make a truck have a worse approach angle than most cars!
Yes got alignment today. It really didnt need it they said. But they touched it up a bit. Toe was only out like 2* from nominal still in spec. My headlights seem a bit higher but didnt mess with them. No one flashed me tonight and my lights were still out of cars windows in traffic.
Looks great! I've got BFG AT KOs on my Jeep, love those tires. The KO2s will probably be the next set. There's a chance I'll try the Cooper AT3s, I have them on another car in the family I'll test out more, but I'll probably go with KO2s.
I have the KO2's on my truck. Racked just over 10k on them already too. FWIW, they do surprisingly well in snow, but I don't think you'll have that issue. Good job with trimming the air dam. I am not a fan of that GM feature.
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