2015 Sedona - outer tie rod end part number w/ electric steering?

Mar 2, 2004
While doing front brakes on my 2015 Kia Sedona, I detected a bit of play in the tie rod end on drivers side, then noticed the nut wasn't all the way tight allowing the stud to move back and forth in the knuckle a bit. When I went to tighten it, the stud just spins and then I realized someone had stripped all the threads off.

I'm having a heckuva time determining if the outer tie rod end is the same on models with electric steering and those without.

I can pull up a Kia catalog on a dozen different websites, and when inputting my vehicle and trim (SX-L) the only outer tie rod ends that come up have the note "without electric steering" which makes no sense, since the SX-L is only offered with electric steering. I can't find a part for electric steering models, or one without that notation.

Going by looks, the one on my van looks identical to the part they show, but I don't want to take any chances-- I don't think they'd add that note for nothing. Can anyone help shed some light on this?
56820a9000 is the p/n for the left outer. Catalog notes that it fits with HPS (hydraulic power steering) and MDPS (motor driven power steering). MDPS is Kia aspeak for electric power steering
Thank you for the clarification, that confirms my suspicions that they are the same. Just out of curiosity, where did you find the catalog note?

All the catalogs I found online look the same, and when I find the section for electronic power steering (the diagram even shows the electronic power steering module, which I have circled), the outer tie rod end in that section still has the note "without electric steering." I circled where that note appears on the product page. Very confusing.


For the moment, I think I've found a workaround, at least until I have the time to replace it and get an alignment. It looks to me like some meathead tried to tighten the nut with an impact, and trashed the threads at the top of the stud where the nut sits against the knuckle. The nut spins freely there, but there is another 9/16" or so of good thread below that. I found a metric nut of that size and tightened real good against the old castle nut, which basically now serves as a really thick washer. I can still slip the cotter pin through the old castle nut, so while I suppose it's possible my second nut could back off, the original nut still can't go anywhere. It's tight as can be now.
One of our Kia dealers make the genuine parts catalog available to us. That website is either by simple part or trademotion which suck royally. The diagram is completely different to what is in the OE diagram. Not sure why that is showing a breakdown of the rack, all that is actually serviced for the MDPS is the outer tie rod ends and the wiring harness. Anything else is a 3000 dollar rack.